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SRM as the best engineering institution in Delhi, offers students learning opportunities in a critically important region of the world.

Come to SRMH, Enjoy the World Class Infrastructure!

If you’re looking for an institution that offers a truly global brand, and are not intimidated by academic rigor, then this could be your best choice. The SRM curriculum – and culture – encourages freedom of choice and experimentation as well as real-world learning in a program comprised of hands-on lab work, case studies, collaborative projects, and interaction with industry leaders, and ideas given by some of the world’s finest leaders who visit campus each year. SRM courses balance innovation and theoretical exploration with real-world application. Students at SRM encounter teaching methods that include lecture, case study, team projects, writings, problem sets, presentations, company visits, guest speakers, and other theoretical and applied teaching methods. Beyond the powerful and transformative academic experiences to be had at SRM, student life is enriching in other ways, too. Attracting students from every conceivable background and area of expertise, the community of learners at SRM is one of the most creative, inspiring and supportive in the world. Student blogs are abundant and reflective of the caliber and diversity of this population.

Attracting students from every conceivable background and area of expertise, the community of learners at SRM is one of the most creative, inspiring and supportive in the world. This includes a focus on a commitment to lifelong learning, greater emphasis on analytics, an even more integrated focus on ethical and legal responsibility in workplace, added emphasis on teamwork, communications and self-awareness complemented by increased flexibility for individualized learning. Alumni expressed they leave SRM with not only the universal Technical knowledge but also the specialized skills required to tackle the most challenging issues facing technology and society. SRM curriculum develops successful, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs through group work and a focus on international technical knowhow. It offers a combination of innovative ideas and teaching methodologies with a relevance to ideas focused on individual needs. Through the SRM goal of committed to rich, creative and dynamic learning students here are encouraged and inspired to manage with excellence, collaborate with courage and vision, problem solve through innovation, and seek creative solutions that challenge the status quo. Recruiters from across the globe seek SRM graduates because they’re viewed as confident, collaborative, team-oriented, and forward-thinking.

Faculty and students here sums up SRM as “The values that drive SRM — including a deep respect for the power of diversity; a desire to link theory and practice to address important technological issues; and an entrepreneurial approach to teaching and research — are ideal to meet the opportunities and challenges facing organizations in the coming years.”SRM,s engineering programs have a strong focus on industry relevance to ensure their graduates are work-ready plus these programs have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders in the sector. Excellence here is achieved through challenging and innovative degree and certificate programs that will push your academic, personal, and professional growth. SRM, s, passion and vision will guide you into third century, and continue its evolution into an academic and research powerhouse that engages and collaborates with local, national and global communities. Their focus on academic innovation means they are committed to the continuous development of programs and courses, that how they are designed, and how to deliver them. SRM students explore innovative ways to create new possibilities. Students here take part in faculty-led research, collaborate with students from other programs on interdisciplinary projects, or launch ideas in learning zones.

SRM’s creative, entrepreneurial and innovative community — this is where mind and action intersect.