Post Graduate Course in Environmental Sciences

Post Graduate Course in Environmental Sciences:

Environmental science deals with the study of environment and its related problems by integrating  biological, physical and information sciences (including physics, zoology, chemistry, biology, geology, mineralogy, zoology and atmospheric).

Master of Science in Environmental Sciences aims to produce environmental scientists providing students a wide range of knowledge and skills relating to environmental science that effects management and related areas. It is two year, full time post graduation course in Environmental Science which provides a foundation and understanding of current environment policies and legislation, and building typologies, global climatic and environmental issues with practical and theoretical courses. On completion of this course you will be able to understand the principles and methodology of environmental design and will be able to develop critical thinking skills to challenge established practices.

Post Graduate Course in Environmental Sciences

The main objective of running Environmental Science course in SRM University is to further interdisciplinary research on the study of Environmental impact, Environmental health and Climate change.

The department is actively involved in running multiple courses related to Environmental Science. For example, during the academic year of 2013-14, a core course on “Environmental Management” was taught to the students through lectures and case studies. After attending this course, students were able to integrate Environmental Dimension into Business Management. After that, another course on “Environmental Science and Technology” was taught.  Mostly companies prefer to recruit environment friendly people so that their technology and development will not affect the environment because environment friendly people know how to tackle environmental problems arise due to technology and development.

The main purpose of the course “Environmental Science” is to inculcate environmental friendly professional into Managers, Technologists and entrepreneurs. After completion of this courses, students will be able to design and execute high quality environment friendly research and will become skilled environmental communicator. Thus, Environmental Science Master’s Degree Course enables the students to develop solutions which can reduce the environmental problems


  • Environmental scientists can work in any type of industry from Agriculture to Healthcare, environmental scientists teach, research, and work in business to help humans understand our work. The scope of an environmental scientist job is in developing research methods, developing systems to analyze data, recording observations, and samples in field work and in lab.
  • Students can be Professors, environmental journalists, environmental biologists, environmental engineers and environmental scientists.

2 years

Candidates must be graduated in any discipline in any field of Natural Science including Physics, Chemistry / Life Sciences / Microbiology / Biology / Biotechnology and Medical Laboratory Technology, or in their respective branch from UGC recognized University with 50% marks in aggregate.