Post Graduate Courses in Chemistry

Post Graduate Courses in Chemistry:

What is Chemistry ?

Chemistry is all about chemical and mixture of chemicals, It is very important branch of science. we can say physics, chemistry, and maths are three pillars  of science. chemistry are a branch of science who are all about chemical , chemical reaction, mixture and effect. In chemistry We read all chemical components and its effects if mixing with other components. we used different -different elements for analyzing and note the reactions. It is very interesting Subject if you like this you can enjoy a lot.

Under graduate Courses in Chemistry:

In India there are many Post Graduate Courses in chemistry are

M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
M.Sc Organic Chemistry
M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
M.Sc Bio – Chemistry
M.Sc. Chemistry (General)
M.Sc Physical Chemistry
Master’s degree in Computational Chemistry
Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Chemistry
Post Graduate Diploma in Technical and Analytical Chemistry
M.Phil in Chemistry (General)
M E. / M Tech in Chemical Engineering

After complete the post graduate course students can study for research in following courses 

PhD in Chemistry (General)
PhD Color Chemistry
PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD Environmental Chemistry
PhD Organic Synthesis
PhD Organic Chemistry

Carrier Opportunity 

After Complete the education in chemistry, you can starting teaching , can start research work, can join a MNC as chemical engineer, can join as a scientist in research organization, start you business and many more option are available for a good chemical expert.

They can go on with their career in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies. Since there is the application of Chemistry in every sector, they can seek for jobs within India and abroad. They can work as Chemical analyst, Development Chemist and so on. The professionals who have done the program in recognized Universities ( like SRM University Haryana) with good percentage can expect excellent scale of pay. With experience and expertise  in the concerned field, they can get promotions to still better options.