Check List of the Event

The following points to be considered by all Head of Departments for the upcoming sports meet “SAMAVESH 2018”

  1. All entries must be sent in a team entry form provided to all the HOD’s by SAMAVESH committee (kindly do not share the form with students to ignore the double entries).
  2. It is compulsory for all departments to compete in all events
  3. Each student will be allowed to participate in maximum 2 games.
  4. All departments must follow the rules for each sport to enter their teams for competition
  5. A ‘team manager’ (representing faculty) from every department must accompany the team for all matches
  6. All competing teams must report at the match venue not later than 45 Minutes  in advance
  7. All competing students must wear and adhere to wearing the proper sports attire
  8. No students will be allowed to compete in Jeans, fit flops etc. All accompanying faculty will be responsible for checking their student’s attire
  9. Every department must choose a representing color for their teams and must follow throughout the event.
  10. Last day to send in entries for Cricket & Badminton (M&W) is 25th Aug 2018.
  11. Last day to send in all entries is 4th Sept 2018 except Cricket & Badminton.
  12. Matches will be played on Round Robin Format.