Best Engineering in India

Best Engineering in India

Engineering course is the best course because according to the job opportunities there is open several public and private sector job opportunities. In India, Several government and private colleges/institutions and universities  are offering engineering courses and helping students build a better career. See the list of some most popular branches of engineering in India which are job and industry oriented:


Mechanical engineering being one of the best and oldest branches of engineering and We can say, this branch is a ‘mother’ of engineering because students will get great exposure, learning and pay packages Mechanical engineering is one of the best chosen branch by students across the country.

mechanicle engineering

Mechanical Engineers Sectors:

  • Thermal power industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Oil and gas exploration and refining industries
  • Gas turbines industry
  • Aviation
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Agricultural sector
  • Armed forces
  • Shipping industries
  • Pharmaceutical


Electrical Engineering i.e application of electricity and electronics and  one of the fastest growing sector. Electrical Engineering is a most interesting branches of engineering. In this course covered several topics related to computer, electronics & communication, transmission & distribution of electricity etc.

electricle engineering


Chemical Engineering is the one of the most demanding course of engineering in terms of career. After doing this course students can get attractive salary packages.

chemicle engineering