B. Com Hons. at SRMUH-Experience the New Age Curriculum

B. Com Hons. is one of the most popular and evergreen courses in India for commerce students, with over 5 million students joining the legacy every year. The B. Com Hons. at SRMUH (SRM University, Haryana) course intends to offer administrative aptitudes and information about the streams like banking, finance, and bookkeeping to the students.

The curriculum is designed to provide excellent exposure to presentation finesse, professional communication, and office etiquettes, better than the traditional commerce courses, which, in turn, prepares the students to face the challenges of the competitive world. 

For the students who loved mathematics in high school, B. Com Hons. is a step forward in the world of calculations and formulae. The core subjects require playing with numbers. An ideal combination of numerical and analytical skills and interest in commerce and finance makes an ideal B. Com Hons. candidate.

A B.Com Hons. the course is exclusively intended to improve learning ability and develop aptitudes for problem-solving and set an establishment for career and additional examinations. A graduate with B. Com Hons. the degree has unlimited access to better his possibilities, which entirely depends upon his inclinations and applications.

B. Com Hons. at SRMUH
Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

There has always been a consistent demand for freshers as each business requires them, private or public, huge or little, to run their routine operations smoothly. B. Com Hons. freshers can apply to various private sectors including, Consumer durables, Banking, Telecom, Automobile, BPO industry, Retail industry, Media industry, and many more. A fresher can begin his career as a sales executive, accounts manager, company law assistant, assistant financial manager, and accounting consultant in private as well as public organizations.

In current times, the entanglements in business management are compounded by the movement of progress. Pursuing a B. Com Hons. The degree can be a significant start to the students’ careers. As one of the fastest developing courses, this degree works by offering a 360-degree personality development to the students of the business world. 

B. Com Hons. at SRMUH
Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

This, in turn, ensures confident, skilled, and qualified professionals who are competent to face and overcome the challenges of the corporate world. 

Eligibility Criteria: B. Com Hons. at SRMUH

  • An applicant should have cleared his/her Class 12 in any stream with English with a 50 percent aggregate at minimum. The eligibility criteria for a B. Com Hons. the degree usually varies from college to college.
  • While many colleges/universities accept aspirants on a merit basis, the other colleges/universities admit students based on personal written examinations and interviews.
  • Some universities/colleges conduct their entrance exams as well.

Besides the basic, detailed information about the B. Com Hons. degree and the significant advantages of applying for the degree; the next question arises about the top colleges to apply with. 

Interested and eligible students can apply for a B. Com Hons. degree with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best commerce and finance universities in Delhi. SRMUH is the top choice for students as it offers an upgraded and latest curriculum matching the current and future industry requirements. 

The curriculum is ideally designed for the students who wish to excel in their professional life as well as develop their interpersonal skills and knowledge. SRMUH has over 45 international collaborations with top universities across the globe that facilitate the students with student exchange programs, research workshops, training sessions, industry visits, etc. 

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat also assists the students in getting their desired jobs as they offer regular training and development programs at the university, as well as mandatory internships for students, is an added advantage that increases the chances of students getting placed with top companies across the country and globe with excellent salary packages. A student can look forward to the complete development of his personality, skills, and knowledge with highly qualified and well-trained faculty at SRMUH who are always available for the students and prepare them for the professional world. 

Best B.com Course in India

Best B.com Course in India:

B.Com Means Bachelor of commerce. Students can do this course as a Full Time/Part Time Graduate Course i.e. students can apply through Correspondence or Distance Education it’s depending upon students one choice. This course duration is 3 years. India have a collection of many colleges for B.com course. Those students who are unable to clear this course in 3 years  so in that condition students can clear it in certain number of years depending upon the education policy of college or university. In this degree programs students can develop skills and competence in an area of Commerce.

Bachelor of Commerce Subjects:

  • Accountancy
  • Cost Account
  • Statistics
  • Management
  • Human Resource
  • Computer
  • Economics
  • English
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Finance

B.Com. Syllabus

Year I  
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Major Indian Language
2 Communicative English
3 Financial Accounting I
4 Business Regulatory Framework
5 Principle and Practice of Management and Business
6 Communication
7 Economics
Year II
1 Information Technology and its Application in Business
2 Principles of Marketing
3 Financial Accounting II
4 Direct and Indirect Taxation
5 Cost and Management Accounting I
6 Auditing
Year III
A Elective Group: Accounting & Finance
1 Financial Accounting
2 Cost and Management Accounting
3 Financial Management
4 Environmental Studies
B Elective Group: Marketing
1 Consumer Behaviour and Sales Management
2 Product and Price Management and Rural Marketing
3 Retail Management and Marketing of Services
4 Environmental Studies
C Elective Group: Taxation
1 Direct Tax: Laws and Practices
2 Indirect Tax: Laws and Practices
3 Text Planning and Procedures
4 Environmental Studies
D Elective Group: Computer Applications and e-business
1 Fundamentals of Computer
2 Data Communication and Networking and Financial e-business
3 Computer Applications and e-business Applications (practical)
4 Environmental Studies

MBA course in India


Master of Business Administration is the most popular course in India for business executive. India’s Top institutions IIM are provide MBA courses in India.

These Institutes are know for best education and high placement. World’s top companies are visit institutes regularly for hiring best management and business leaders.

first of all i want to tell you India is a developing country, we are growing with rate of  8 to 10 per year.

MBA Course is very important course for self dependency because  it  give you an opportunity for setup a new business and create new employment  opportunity for others.

Due to our country situation MBA is very important Course So that who have skill in business have to do MBA course It may be help to get things batter.

MBA Admission

MBA University in India:

IIM, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore

IIT, Kanpur

SRM University , Sonipat, Haryana

Faculty of Management

SRM university have 3 year for part time candidates and 2 year course for full time candidate course. Who are working in any company or doing own business can join MBA part time in SRM university and Who are focus only study can join in full time course in India

Difference between part time and full time MBA

Due to long duration it give you more practical knowledge.

Full time mba is less time  it course duration is short  from part time MBA

Therefore if you have a job you can do part time course, otherwise you can do full time mba.

Conclusion As my view after analyzing all the condition in Our Country and and business world probably it is very important course, because it developed new employment and new business and cover almost all businessmen  activity.

Most of all thing that MBA re used in business but it is a skill that are used in your life each part because you have a skill that learn you how to manage things in you life each stage.

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Best Bcom Course in India

Best Bcom Course in India:

Every country financially strength is the main pillar for supporting other sector like defense sector, development sector, innovation research development and education. Because when a country have good business and finance then other sector have good investment so it will increased rapidly.

Like United state who have best financial strength in the world that is the reason currently as a world power country have best defense system and forces, and innovate new thing before other country in the world.

My aspect is commerce is best for improving business and financial power of country and B.com. ( Bachelor Of Commerce) is the very important degree in Commerce education.

How to Take Admission in B.Com. ? . That is, merit list is determined on the basis of class 12th marks. Cut offs are announced by universities and colleges. Students who clear the cut off get admission in respective colleges and courses.

There is no entrance exam conducted centrally for B.Com admissions. Certain universities conduct B.Com entrance tests on university level, such as SRM Haryana . If you are looking for admission in a particular university, make sure you know before hand their mode of admission.

B.Com admission for science side students is also possible. If you have completed your studies from a recognized board, you are eligible. Each college has a different set of eligibility criteria. For most colleges, you must have any of the following as your core subject in 11th and 12th – accountancy, book keeping, business economics including business mathematics, business mathematics, business organisation, business studies, commerce, cost accountancy and principle of management., economics, elements of cost accountancy and auditing, financial accounting, mathematics, office practice and secretarial, statistics. Read the relevant brochure and admission guidelines carefully before applying.

B.Com (Hons) vs B.Com

Comparing on basis of corporate reputation and demand, B.Com (Hons) has an edge over simple B.Com degree. The honors course is more detailed and prepares students for business and economics corporate demands better. Specialized skill sets in areas such as accounting, finance, taxation; is imparted. A B.Com Hons student is better prepared to deliver in a career focused on financial services.

B.Com on the other hand is relatively easier. The structure of exams and studies is simpler.

If you are planning for higher studies after graduation, you can opt for any of them. From a job opportunity perspective, honors is better.

The right career move to make after B.Com. – MBA?

For a lack of better knowledge, students end up pursuing MBA from any college right after B.Com. Here guidance is essential to let them know about other career opportunities.

If you are really interested in MBA and have an aptitude for it, prepare for CAT or other MBA entrance exams. Post graduation in management studies is worthwhile only if done from a very good institute. A PG degree from lesser known college will only add to your financial burdens and reap no returns. So what is the right career move after B.Com?

The best option is to pursue to become CA. Students from commerce background are preferred for Chartered Accountancy. Also, Company Secretaryship is a very lucrative option. There is also seen to be a rising trend for risk management and disaster management.

Explore your options well before taking a final decision.

Top colleges for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Admissions

  • SRM University,  Sonipat Haryana
  • SRM University Chennai