B. Com Hons. at SRMUH-Experience the New Age Curriculum

B. Com Hons. is one of the most popular and evergreen courses in India for commerce students, with over 5 million students joining the legacy every year. The B. Com Hons. at SRMUH (SRM University, Haryana) course intends to offer administrative aptitudes and information about the streams like banking, finance, and bookkeeping to the students.

The curriculum is designed to provide excellent exposure to presentation finesse, professional communication, and office etiquettes, better than the traditional commerce courses, which, in turn, prepares the students to face the challenges of the competitive world. 

For the students who loved mathematics in high school, B. Com Hons. is a step forward in the world of calculations and formulae. The core subjects require playing with numbers. An ideal combination of numerical and analytical skills and interest in commerce and finance makes an ideal B. Com Hons. candidate.

A B.Com Hons. the course is exclusively intended to improve learning ability and develop aptitudes for problem-solving and set an establishment for career and additional examinations. A graduate with B. Com Hons. the degree has unlimited access to better his possibilities, which entirely depends upon his inclinations and applications.

B. Com Hons. at SRMUH
Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

There has always been a consistent demand for freshers as each business requires them, private or public, huge or little, to run their routine operations smoothly. B. Com Hons. freshers can apply to various private sectors including, Consumer durables, Banking, Telecom, Automobile, BPO industry, Retail industry, Media industry, and many more. A fresher can begin his career as a sales executive, accounts manager, company law assistant, assistant financial manager, and accounting consultant in private as well as public organizations.

In current times, the entanglements in business management are compounded by the movement of progress. Pursuing a B. Com Hons. The degree can be a significant start to the students’ careers. As one of the fastest developing courses, this degree works by offering a 360-degree personality development to the students of the business world. 

B. Com Hons. at SRMUH
Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

This, in turn, ensures confident, skilled, and qualified professionals who are competent to face and overcome the challenges of the corporate world. 

Eligibility Criteria: B. Com Hons. at SRMUH

  • An applicant should have cleared his/her Class 12 in any stream with English with a 50 percent aggregate at minimum. The eligibility criteria for a B. Com Hons. the degree usually varies from college to college.
  • While many colleges/universities accept aspirants on a merit basis, the other colleges/universities admit students based on personal written examinations and interviews.
  • Some universities/colleges conduct their entrance exams as well.

Besides the basic, detailed information about the B. Com Hons. degree and the significant advantages of applying for the degree; the next question arises about the top colleges to apply with. 

Interested and eligible students can apply for a B. Com Hons. degree with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best commerce and finance universities in Delhi. SRMUH is the top choice for students as it offers an upgraded and latest curriculum matching the current and future industry requirements. 

The curriculum is ideally designed for the students who wish to excel in their professional life as well as develop their interpersonal skills and knowledge. SRMUH has over 45 international collaborations with top universities across the globe that facilitate the students with student exchange programs, research workshops, training sessions, industry visits, etc. 

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat also assists the students in getting their desired jobs as they offer regular training and development programs at the university, as well as mandatory internships for students, is an added advantage that increases the chances of students getting placed with top companies across the country and globe with excellent salary packages. A student can look forward to the complete development of his personality, skills, and knowledge with highly qualified and well-trained faculty at SRMUH who are always available for the students and prepare them for the professional world. 

B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation : A career-oriented degree

What are Robotics and Automation engineering?

Robotics and Automation Engineering is an area of engineering that deals with the creation and design of robots. They use computers to process and manipulate robotic actions. This blog will focus on B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation and the career options.

Robots are then applied in:

  • The field of nuclear science.
  • Sea-exploration
  • Industries to speed up the manufacturing process.
  • Servicing and transmission of electric signals
  • Designing of bio-medical equipment, etc.

Robotics and Automated engineers use electrical engineering, computer engineering, biological mechanics, software engineering, mechanical engineering. They also use information technologies and control systems to lessen the necessity for human labor in offices, factories, and households. 

Automation and Robotics engineering have indeed been essential to humanity’s development, and yes, this will come with significant duties.

B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation
Students at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Responsibilities of an Automation and Robotics Engineer

As, Automation and Robotics Engineer, one constantly needs to use all fields of engineering while working. Still, the software features serve as the glue that endures others collectively. 

Here are some of the elementary tasks performed by an Automation and Robotics Engineer:

Designing: As an Automation and Robotics Engineer, one can create plans that manage manufacturing machines and robots. For instance, he will be responsible for developing software systems controls that are used in manufacturing. Equally, he will design robotic systems used to increase production and precision levels in some industries.

Building: A second shared duty is machine assembling. Nevertheless, an Automation and Robotics Engineer needs to do this where there is no available separate assembling unit. It is where one can find devices and systems coming to life.

Testing: Following assembling, the machine moves to the stage of testing. It would be best if it is verified by testing they are safe and able to accomplish the tasks for which they are created.

B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation is a Four-year curriculum that aspirants can pursue after class 12. It is an interdisciplinary curriculum that deals with the design and advancement of robots and their use in the defense, manufacturing, service industries, medical and marine.

The course is a mix of science, computer science engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. 

Robotics include Robotic Dynamics & laboratory, AI for Robotics, Robotic System Design, Fluid Power Systems for Robots, Robotic Programming & Simulation, etc.

Eligibility Criteria: B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation

The aspirants who have completed 10+2 with Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics with 50% aggregate are qualified to apply for this program. 

B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation graduates can find employment opportunity as:

  • Robotics Sales Engineer
  • Robotics Designer & Analyst
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Robotic Research Scientist and other positions.
B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation at SRM University, Sonepat
Students at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

The average payroll is supposed to be approximately INR 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

A Robotic able engineer can find rising employment openings in areas like:

  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing firms 
  • Sea exploration
  • Mining industry
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Space research organizations
  • The research division of mechanical/electrical engineering firms
  • The gaming industry
  • Biomedical equipment manufacturing firms, and many others.

Job prospects are bright for aspiring robotics engineers, as every industry begins to use robotics to reap its benefits in the form of quality improvement and cost-effectiveness. Today chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and the food and beverages industry also embraced the technology. Robotics engineers, trainers, programmers, supervisors, and robot operators can now choose from an array of opportunities.

Aspirants can also search for opportunities as robotics specialists with blue-chip organizations like:

  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • Precision Automation & Robotics India Ltd.
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC )
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

Several top global firms also take on qualified specialists in the field of robotics. Some Companies are:

  • Mitsubishi Electric USA
  • Tesla Inc.
  • Piaggio Fast Forward
  • Tompkins Robotics 
  • 6 River Systems
  • Boston Dynamics
  • Autonomous Solutions Inc
  • CANVAS Technology
  • Diligent Robotics
  • Boston Dynamics
  • Bluefin Robotics

Scope of Higher Studies:

The graduates can also pursue higher education after B. Tech. Such candidates can opt for master’s degree courses like M. Tech. in Robotics and Automation, etc. Aspirants interested in research in the field of robotics and automation can further continue a Ph.D. in Robotics.

Interested and eligible students can apply for B. Tech. in Robotics and Automation is SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best engineering universities in Delhi.

SRMUH is a UGC and AICTE affiliated university duly approved by the Department of Higher Education (Government of Haryana).

SRMUH follows an upgraded and advanced curriculum matching the current industry trends and requirements. SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat has state-of-the-art laboratories for practical learning and development of students along with textbook learning. Regular seminars, industry visits, workshops, student exchange programs are also organized to ensure the holistic development of the students.

Apply for B. Tech.- Biomedical Engineering at SRMUH and explore lucrative career opportunities

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering, also referred to as BioMed, Bioengineering, or BME is an interdisciplinary field that combines engineering and biology, applying engineering and materials principles to healthcare and medicine. In this blog, we will read about B.Tech-Biomedical Engineering and the best career opportunity associated with it.

The increasing demand for Bioengineers is linked to society’s general shift towards technology and machinery utilization in all life features. The amalgamation of biological knowledge with engineering principles to address medical needs has granted to the evolution of revolutionary and life-saving concepts such as:

  • Kidney dialysis
  • Advanced prosthetics
  • Surgical robots 
  • New pharmaceutical drugs
  • Artificial organs

Bioengineering is a broad field with different focus areas, and the exact essence of the work one can vary depending on the specifics of the given job role. Few illustrations of some of the subdivisions of Biomedical Engineering include:

  • Bionanotechnology
  • Orthopedic Bioengineering
  • Computational Biology
  • Medical Imaging
  • Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering
  • Biomaterials
  • Biomedical Electronics
B. Tech.- Biomedical Engineering at SRM University, Sonepat
Faculty and Students at State-of-the-art-lab at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

How to become a Biomedical Engineer?

To become a Bioengineer, you need to study for an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, such as:

  • Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Science or Engineering
  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering

Several top-notch institutes offer diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and doctorate programs:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  • Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga
  • Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata
B. Tech.- Biomedical Engineering at SRM University, Sonepat
Student at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Scope: B.Tech-Biomedical Engineering

Bioengineers conspire with researchers and doctors to develop medical equipment, systems, or devices to solve clinical problems. Some of the essential skills that an aspirant requires are careful measurement and analytical skills, a good eye for design, and attention to detail, the ability to empathize with patients, and lastly, communication and team-management skills

B.Tech-Biomedical engineering is one of the most sought-after fields at present. The types of biomedical engineering jobs pay some of the highest packages as starting salaries for a young professional.

Let us now list out the top five standard job titles in Biomedical Engineering:

  • Physician

Many undergraduates with a biomedical engineering degree take the route of medical school to become doctors.

  • Manufacturing Engineer:

Manufacturing engineers design and develop medical products like medical instruments, imaging devices, prostheses, and others.

  • Software Engineer:

They focus on developing and designing computer programs for various medical applications.

  • Quality Engineer:

Bioengineers are responsible for examining medical products to make sure they meet specific standards and specifications.

  • Researcher:

Researchers spend most of their time finding solutions to medical problems. Many researchers also teach in universities.

Essential Qualities for Biomedical Engineers

  • Communication skills:

Sometimes Biomedical Engineers work with patients and frequently work in groups. They must convey themselves transparently. They must seek others’ ideas and include those ideas in the analytical process.

  • Analytical skills:

Biomedical engineers must examine the needs of patients and customers to design suitable solutions.

  • Math skills:

Biomedical engineers use the concepts of calculus and other advanced topics in math and statistics for design, analysis, and troubleshooting in their work.

  • Creativity:

Biomedical engineers must be innovative to come up with creative and integrative advances in healthcare devices and equipment.

  • Problem-solving skills:

Biomedical engineers generally deal with and solve problems in complex biological systems. 

SRMUH & B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering

By converging the engineering proficiency in analytical and experimental methods to biological and medical sciences, the Department of Biomedical Engineering aims at unveiling the unseen in biology and innovations in technology that can translate to clinical health care.

The Biomedical Engineering department at SRM University Delhi-NCR, one of the best engineering universities in Delhi, is renowned for defining excellence in research and education. SRMUH is well known for its world-class education, infrastructure, amenities, and practical learning environment. 

SRMUH has over 45 collaborations with top universities across the globe that offer student exchange programs, industry interactions, research work, etc., as well as regularly organize workshops, training sessions, experiments at state-of-the-art labs of the University with advanced equipment and machinery. All such facilities and amenities help students’ holistic development and prepare them for the competitive world

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: A rewarding Career | SRMUH Blog

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with hands-on electrical applications in all its forms, including those in the area of electronics.

Electronics Engineering is that branch of electrical engineering apprehensive using the electromagnetic spectrum and the approach of such electronic devices as transistors and integrated circuits.

Electrical Engineering is said to have emerged in 1864 when James Clerk Maxwell (Scottish physicist) outlined the fundamental laws of electricity in mathematical form and showed that electromagnetic radiation travels through space at the speed of light. 

The engineering and computer science field has captivated several disciplines outside electronics, notably linguists, logicians, and applied mathematicians. Specialties within the area include the manufacture, design, and use of generators, turbines, motors, transmission lines, transformers, appliances, and lighting systems.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Electrical phenomena captivated the attention of European thinkers as early as the 17th century. The most noteworthy pioneers include:

  • Hans Christian Ørsted of Denmark, André-Marie Ampère of France
  • Ludwig Wilhelm Gilbert and Georg Simon Ohm of Germany
  • Joseph Henry of the United States
  • Alessandro Volta of Italy
  • Michael Faraday of England

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) deals with the opportunities, engineering problems, and needs of electrical, telecommunication systems electronics, computer, and connected business.

B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The EEE department of SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best engineering universities in Delhi provides in-depth knowledge of Electrical drives, control and Transmission and Distribution, Embedded systems, Medical Instrumentation, Engineering Renewable energy-based Micro-grid, and IoT.

This branch caters to students with a diverse range of fundamental knowledge in core disciplines such as signal processing, communications, control systems, radio frequency design, microelectronics, microprocessors, power generation, and electrical machines. The domain focuses on the manufacture and design of electronic devices, electrical, computers, and their parts and the integration of components into complex systems.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Faculty and Students in state-of-the-art-lab at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

SRMUH has independent and well-equipped laboratories for Electrical Machines, Control System, Image Processing System, and MI lab Signals with Matlab. Well-equipped Solid-state Devices, Circuit theory, and synthesis with multiple computers and circuit lab Network analysis are also available at SRMUH. The University has state-of-the-art lab facilities and specialized Centre NASSCOM and IBM to support our academic courses and research areas. 

Scope in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering uses technology, science, and problem-solving skills to design, and maintain products, construct, information systems, and services. Electrical engineering is the classical name for electronics, electrical, and engineering of a computer.

Generally, electrical engineers have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, computer engineering, or electrical engineering.

A subordinate engineer may spend two years on the job learning its design procedures and products before pursuing a solid technical point. Job responsibilities include design, specification, development, and implementation of products or systems and research to create new ideas. This role provides:

  • Several challenges ranging from problem identification and selecting suitable technical materials
  • Test equipment
  • Solutions
  • Procedures to the manufacture and production of safe, economical, high-performance services and products.

An electrical engineer may opt for a couple of the technical features of a position with administrative authorities. The technical expertise required for administration today is rising because of the explosion of knowledge in science, engineering, and technology.

 A B. Sc. degree in engineering with specialization in electrical engineering can also serve as the basis for careers in many other fields, ranging from business to law and medicine, since the analytical skills acquired in an electrical engineering program provide a precious benefit. The same skills will offer you to assume leadership roles in your community and corporate circles outside the office.

Summation to the primary fields of computer engineering, electrical, and electronics, a B. Tech. degree in electrical engineering serves as a suitable base for several allied fields. For example biomedical engineering, computer science, and aerospace engineering.

At SRMUH, students are provided project training programs in top organizations like BHEL, BEL, GAIL, SAIL, HPCL, IOCL, NHPC, ONGC, NALCO, Power Grid Corporation of India, EIL, NMDC, NLC, HAL, BSNL, etc.

The University corroborates students’ comprehensive development with an enhanced curriculum with the best and the most experienced faculty from across the country,  live training sessions, regular workshops, and practical training from the industry experts are organized regularly for the students. Standard practice and experimentation in the high-tech labs throughout the academic sessions make the students industry-ready and competent.

BBA Degree with specialization in Business Analytics (in Academic Partnership with KPMG, India)

Globalization and industrial expansion have provoked a decrease in traditional job profiles and created an upsurge in more expert and specific job positions. This has furthermore brought about presenting the correct data on these job profiles at the training level. Therefore, the choices in career paths have likewise extended in the past few years, bringing about more career opportunities.

The corporate world is evolving and getting more and more versatile every passing day. The aspiring students who wish to enter the corporate field can best do by applying for a BBA degree. Pursuing a BBA degree can be an excellent start to their professional careers. As one of the fastest developing management courses, a BBA degree offers a 360-degree career enhancement to the students of the business world.

BBA Degree at SRMUH
Students at SRM University, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Although a BBA degree is highly professional, a BBA degree with a specialization in business analytics can do even more wonders. A BBA degree with a specialization in business analytics integrates the business theories and concepts with the analytical aspects of the business to provide an enhanced outcome. 

A BBA degree with a specialization in business analytics involves presentation skills, workplace etiquette, grooming, and effective communication, along with focusing on analytical concepts

The business world is expected to grow immensely after the pandemic ends. It would demand qualified and trained professionals with excellent communication skills and leadership qualities. This is the only sector where job opportunities are not limited; it only keeps on increasing. 

Students can apply for a BBA degree with a specialization in business analytics with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best management universities in Delhi. SRMUH provides a BBA degree with a specialization in business analytics and academic partnership with KPMG, India. This enhances the learning outcomes of the students as compared to the regular BBA degree

BBA Degree at SRM University, Sonepat
Students at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

SRMUH is focused on providing excellent practical exposure to the students ensuring great education, in-house resources, and amenities along with great infrastructure and opportunities for internships and final placements in India and abroad through the academic and industrial collaborations of the University at the national and international level. The specialized BBA course with an academic partnership with KPMG, India, is an industry-oriented course that focuses on developing industry-relevant skills and aptitude among the students. 

The course is wholly designed keeping in mind the current and future industry requirements, practices, and advanced concepts. SRMUH students experience vibrant university life with great career exposure and an excellent learning environment with the latest and updated infrastructure, on-campus amenities, and other essential services that help to make SRMUH one of the best management universities in Delhi.

MBA in Big Data Analytics

In India, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most trending PG course. An MBA degree is available in various specializations for the students to master their managerial, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills for a brighter future. It is an industry-oriented course that sharpens the skills, knowledge, and capability of the students and prepares them for final placements in the competitive world. 

MBA students are majorly involved in learning business management, planning, financial handling, and many such concepts. The specialized skills put them in a better position to manage businesses effectively while contributing their bit to the country’s economic development.

Also, there is a newly evolved specialization in MBA that has gained significant importance in the last decade. Big Data Analytics is a field that focuses explicitly on analyzing and extracting information from large and complex data sets that cannot be dealt with by traditional data processing application software. 

MBA in Big Data Analytics
Students at SRM Campus, Haryana

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

The integration of big data analytics with the management course has proven to be the best and beneficial one. An MBA degree with a specialization in Big Data Analytics is a broader term that includes technical as well as management grounds, making it one of the most rewarding careers in the coming future.

Students interested in building their careers in Big Data Analytics but don’t want to continue in the technical segment can apply for this degree. One can apply for an MBA degree with a specialization in Big Data Analytics with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best management universities in Delhi NCR. SRMUH is a UGC Recognized and AICTE affiliated private state university that also holds accreditation with NAAC

MBA in Big Data Analytics
Students at SRM Campus, Haryana

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

The faculty of management at SRMUH has international collaborations with top universities across the globe and also shares strong industrial relations with companies like TCS, KPMG, etc., to offer specialized training and development to the management students.  

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, offers the best infrastructure, on-campus facilities, and other essential amenities that facilitate the learning process for the students and help them become competent for the professional world.

SRMUH- Best Engineering University In Delhi NCR

Engineering is one of the most versatile degrees offering promising careers in fields ranging from aerospace to automobiles to healthcare to businesses & many more. Engineers are often known as the center of innovation and among the highest paid professionals across the world.

The technology-driven era has a plethora of career opportunities for those who possess excellent coding skills and are interested in exploring and learning new languages and creating innovative solutions to problems through computer programming

The success stories of multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. and the positive graphs of profits of IT solutions providers like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have made the majority of students pursue a career in this field.

With the rise in the number of aspirants in the engineering field, numerous engineering colleges and universities have been established across the country. However, competition for premier colleges remains exceptionally high. A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering can be advantageous if completed from the country’s marque colleges. 

One such University offering the latest and most trending courses in engineering is SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, (SRMUH), the best engineering university in Delhi NCR. The University provides industry-oriented courses with significant practical approaches being followed in the curriculum. SRMUH is a multidisciplinary university following multidisciplinary approaches, preparing the students for the highly advanced and competitive professional world. 

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat Campus

Being the best engineering university in Delhi NCR, SRMUH offers world-class infrastructure and facilities to the students. It has well-equipped libraries, both traditional and digital, with access to thousands of books, journals and publications. Also, the University has well-equipped labs with the latest technology and equipment for continuous practice and development of the students. The state-of-the-art labs of the University ensure practical learning along with regular classes to the students, transforming them into world-class professionals.

Computer Lab, SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Apart from the academic facilities, the University provides excellent campus facilities to the students in terms of hostels, food, transportation, etc. The extra-curricular activities like various cultural events, activities and multiple clubs have been designed to ensure a healthy and fun-filled break during the academic session. This way, the University is able to strike a balance between academics and recreational breaks. 

Cultural Night, SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, offers engineering degree in the following domains: 

Undergraduate Courses

  • B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 
  • B. Tech in Robotics and Automation
  • B. Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B. Tech in Biomedical Engineering
  • B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Postgraduate Courses

  • M. Tech in Civil (Structural Engineering)
  • M. Tech in Biotechnology Pharmaceutical 
  • M. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M. Tech in Production Engineering
  • M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Courses

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Engineering has a lot to offer other than just high salary packages and industrial exposure like any other degree. Students can apply for their desired stream in the engineering field for a successful career ahead.

Convocation Ceremony, SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Students can apply for an engineering degree in various streams with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat. SRMUH provides quality education and required practical training and exposure to the students, making them competent to step into the competitive world. “The University has international collaborations with over 40 universities across the globe as well as have strong industrial collaborations with companies like Xebia, TCS, IBM, KPMG, etc., to ensure holistic development of students at the international level.” SRMUH also offers final placements in India and abroad to its students giving a significant kickstart to their career. It is a student-centric university that makes the best possible efforts to attain academic excellence, making it the best engineering university in Delhi NCR.


In the current scenario, the revolution in modern Industrial systems is one of the most critical business and societal changes. Demand of automation has seen a surge due to urbanization and new regulatory bodies.

There are various challenges in product development viz. range, capabilities, design and durability. Achieving all these parameter while maintaining the cost efficiency and without compromising on the safety standards is a major goal for production houses. This requires innovation and engineering application which was never been seen before.

One of the foremost Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software company is Siemens which was established in 1997 in Munich, Germany. Siemens PLM software offers simulation, analysis and testing solutions to all the aspects of Automation. These software offers a comprehensive and integrated solution to all the problems of Automation. Siemens PLM software have given industries an upper hand in electric vehicle development and viable solution to the problems faced in such electric vehicles by the Industry and its consumers.

Siemens has established itself as a market leader by helping in expansion of many industries across the world with 360º innovation ecosystem. Driven by a deep understanding of their customers’ requirements, Siemens have used its industry software to implement solutions that helped companies everywhere to attain sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.

SRM University, Delhi – NCR, Sonepat, Haryana joined hands with Siemens to launch “Siemens Centre of Excellence (COE)” to provide their students a platform wherein they can learn and use PLM software to enhance their knowledge. The Siemens COE will not only help students innovate but also turn their ideas into reality. The total cost of the Project is Rs.36 Crore, out of which SRM will invest 10% of the project cost and remaining cost is bear by Siemens. Currently the Siemens COE will have the following labs:

  • Product Digitalization – Design Lab
  • Process Digitalization – Production Planning Lab
  • Bio Tech Specialized Lab
  • Simulation and Analysis Lab
  • CNC Controller Lab

These labs not only provide a widespread learning experience but also have all the tools and applications which are desired in Industry to enhance Automation.

As Coordinator (Industrial Relationship), my vision to bring this project to our University is to provide a platform to all the engineering students wherein they can learn and nurture their skills and excel in Industry and Research. I want my students to compete with the very best and bring laurels to this organization in the field of Research and Technology.

Prospects doing MBA after Engineering

One of the most common questions that one may ever come across after being a qualified engineer is “Why to do an MBA”? The reason why you ask this question is just that you’re attempting to shift your field from a technical to a managerial domain. So, what makes MBA a lucrative option for Indian engineers?

For engineers, searching to pursue their careers in the technical field, M.Tech could be one of the choices. However, engineering aspirants look forward to stepping in the field of management and business – MBA is a sure shot way to go. An MBA will enhance your communication, managerial and presentation skills.

Once you acquire an MBA degree in your hand, you’re all set to take a leap in the field of business and administration. You have various options to make your career such as in sales, marketing, human resources and operations management. A well-organised MBA program from a reputed institute would help you get a detailed insight into the operations of technologically-oriented firms. A successful MBA programme from one of the top MBA Universities in India can assist an engineering graduate to experience a metamorphosis that makes them successfully transformed into an accomplished leader. This program will provide him the power to settle-out business-related issues that can appear in a highly challenging corporate world.

For an engineer, an MBA can prove to be run away from the disorder. Besides, it is perhaps the only way IT engineers can advance in their ranks and play managerial roles in the software industry. Hence, the MBA program from one of the best MBA colleges in India can assist the aspirants in turning them into team leads, project managers, and play new roles in spheres such as recruitment, business development, administrations.

Is an MBA offer you a value addition over engineering? Well, having an MBA degree is a prestige gained over engineering. An MBA after engineering will offer you increased exposure to the business and administration field with management techniques combined with analytical skills. Now-a-days, there is an enormous demand for engineering graduates with an MBA in the corporate environment. That’s because some of the engineers have high chances of becoming future managers who will have to apply new practices and technology for optimum resource utilization and increase in productivity.

Details of MBA by SRM University, Delhi-NCR Sonepat

The details of MBA course offered by SRM University; Delhi-NCR Sonepat are as follows:

  • The MBA course duration from the University is 2 years.
  • MBA pursuant in order to apply for an MBA programme are required to pass their graduation or an equivalent examination in any subject from a UGC accredited University with minimum merit of 50% marks.
  • MBA programme fee is Rs. 1,50,000/- per annum

Enroll Yourself in one of the best MBA Colleges in India now!

Application Link – https://admissions.srmuniversity.ac.in/

Why you need to do an MBA?

Deciding to do an MBA? Don’t know how it can help you leverage your career opportunities? Well, this blog is for you to know the meticulous detail of earning an MBA degree. On top of it, is an MBA really worth it?

If you are actually entering the competitive world, we believe it is.

An MBA graduate degree will provide you with a couple of advantages, especially when it’s from an esteemed top-business school. Securing a high MBA salary after graduation, landing up a managerial position, developing a vigorous professional network, or even becoming your own boss are some of the benefits of studying an MBA from one of the top Universities in India.

Develop treasured management skills

MBA aspirants are often young professionals either graduate or having a minimum of two years of professional experience. Even senior employees who confront the challenges at their position may sometimes apply for MBA. After passing a couple of years in professional life, it is the human disposition to seek comfort and to avoid the risk-taking approach.

MBAs and their relevant specialisations will educate you a lot about everything that makes a company successfully going. You will learn how to:

  • Manufacture, sell and advertise your products
  • Maintaining the company’s financial position healthy
  • Sustaining the company’s positive reputation
  • Accumulate and interpret industry data
  • Recruit the right people and keep them motivated
  • Make hierarchies that help the company to flourish
  • Generating the tough calls at the right time

Studying a Master’s in Business Administration pushes you to come out of your comfort zone. You’ll face the latest International Business trends, implement the latest management techniques, and keep challenging yourself.

Go for the Best MBA colleges in India that will help you to develop the transferable skills and business mindset you need to succeed.

Start your Business from Scratch

Most of the students go for an MBA just because they wish to be an entrepreneur some day and learn how to run a business. They have a high aim and a dream of turning it into reality. An MBA will help you to gather business practices which are required to start a new business or help existing one to grow.

Most of the MBA graduates end up commencing their own business. Those who don’t, bag middle-level or top-level management positions with big companies. Just think how about becoming your own manager one would feel like.

Open the door to flourishing career opportunities

Full-time graduates or part-time MBA programs have higher possibility of holding a high-level managerial position and enjoying successful MBA career options. Your MBA degree will open the doors to the following careers:

  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager/Supply Chain Manager/Logistics Manager
  • Accounts officer
  • Entrepreneur


Experience a new workplace and culture

An MBA degree opens broader perspectives for you at the workplace you join. You can proficiently be capable of handling multiple opportunities while at the same time enjoying the prestige of earning a higher salary. And if your college offers overseas exposures or summer internships, chances are you can get massive exposure of getting to live in a foreign country, also experiencing and managing cultural diversity.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships are included in an MBA curriculum in order to provide exposure to the working conditions of a corporate World.  Facing corporate leaders, employees, communication skills and problem-solving abilities are developed during the project being handled by the student during an MBA curriculum.

Attractive Salary

MBA from a prestigious institution open the gates for attractive salary, perks or incentives. The career you choose in the company determines the fate of your remuneration to source. MBA specializations are meant to be included in the curriculum that hones the talents of the students to make them fit in such specialized professions.

Earning an MBA from one of the top MBA Colleges in India invites a plethora of opportunities to work at your advantage. Ask yourself, are you prepared to join the MBA so as to bolster your career prospects?