B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering: The Dynamic Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering is one of the versatile and rewarding branches of engineering that significantly impacts society and has added to numerous advancements and developments. Mechanical Engineering basically deals with thermodynamics, liquids, mechanics, and structural analysis

The ideas developed under the Mechanical Engineering field are fully utilized in planning the best and most effective formulae in class engine vehicles, manufacturing units, airplanes, and other industrial machinery.

B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat


Mechanical Engineers aim at making a difference in society with their work. They focus on making advancements to fulfill the rising needs and demands of people. Everything around us has a pinch of mechanical engineering to serve humankind in a better and organized way. Regardless of the fields like medical services, energy, environmental change, or transportation, mechanical engineers plan and create components to provide sustainable solutions for challenging problems of the 21st century.

The modern and advanced concepts of Mechanical Engineering are applied in designing state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratories and units, vehicles, aircraft, and a huge variety of industrial machinery. Mechanical Engineers also develop various engines, power plant equipment, and various other machinery. They design new systems as well as test, maintain and manufacture complex industrial systems.

Eligibility Criteria: B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

  • An applicant should have cleared his/her Class 12 in any stream with English with a 50 percent aggregate at minimum. The eligibility criteria usually vary from college to college.
  • While many colleges/universities accept aspirants on a merit basis, the other colleges/universities admit students based on personal written examinations and interviews.
  • Some universities/colleges conduct their entrance exams as well.
B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering at SRM University, Sonepat
Mechanical Engineering students and Faculty at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

With the era of technological advancement, many new sectors have started utilizing the works presented by Mechanical Engineers like renewable energy, Mechanobiology, Automobile industry, Industrial Automation, etc.

The most rewarding profiles for mechanical engineers in the 21st century are as mentioned below:

  • Auto Research Engineers
  • Simulations Engineers
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers

Bridging the gap between academia and industry is the only way to attain professional excellence in the field of mechanical engineering. Ranging right from coding skills to communication skills and building excellent interpersonal relationships, a mechanical engineering aspirant must be completely prepared to match the competitive industry standards.

For the perfect orientation and development of the required skills and knowledge, students need to apply for a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering degree with the institute that focuses on practical learning along with regular textbook knowledge. 

One such University offering a complete education package to Mechanical Engineering students is SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best engineering universities in Delhi. SRMUH offers B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering with an enhanced and world-class curriculum that matches the industry trends and requirements. 

SRMUH offers interdisciplinary courses like Mechatronics and Robotics and Automation taught by highly qualified, dedicated, and cooperative faculty who prepare students to be industry-ready to cater to the diverse needs of the industry.

The international academic and industry collaborations of the University help the students to learn, grow and develop their practical skillsets through training sessions, student exchange programs, workshops, industry visits, seminars, etc. All such activities ensure that students are equipped with the latest technology and skills matching the industry requirements.

The Mechanical Engineering department has well-equipped laboratories for Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Technology, IC Engines, Mechanisms and Machines, CAD/CAM (Softwares like CATIA, AutoCAD). As a part of the curriculum, there is a mandatory internship program and frequent industrial visits to help the students see the real-time applications of Mechanical Engineering concepts and theories.

The Mechanical Engineering department has a unique project lab where students get hands-on experience by working on their pre-final and final year projects. The students are encouraged to participate both in technical as well as sports events, thereby ensuring a wholesome development.

BCA & MCA Degree at SRM University – Explore the world of computers and its applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA is an undergraduate degree course with a duration of three years for students who desire to dive deep into the world of Computer languages. In this blog, we will read about BCA & MCA Degree at SRM UniversityBCA‘s approach is one of the most popular options to get started with a career in Information Technology.

A degree in BCA is equivalent to a degree in B.Tech/B.E degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. This degree helps to set up an excellent academic base for a professional career in Computer Applications for a BCA aspirant.

Popular BCA Specialisations

Following are the most popular BCA specializations to choose from:

  • IT Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Computer Graphics
  • Internet Technologies
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Programming Languages (C++, JAVA, or more)
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Network Systems
  • Systems Analysis

Eligibility Criteria: BCA Course

  • An applicant should have cleared his/her Class 12 in any stream with English with a 50 percent aggregate at minimum. The eligibility criteria usually vary from college to college.
  • A student with a Commerce or Arts education can also apply.
  • While many colleges/universities accept aspirants on a merit basis, the other colleges/universities admit students based on personal written examinations and interviews.
  • Some universities/colleges conduct their entrance exams as well.
BCA & MCA degree at SRM University, Sonepat
BCA Students at SRM University, Delhi NCR, Sonepat

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

What after the BCA?

BCA aspirants can give an instant boost to their career by pursuing a Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) after completing their bachelor’s degree.

There is ample scope in the area of Computer Applications. One can do a job or can go for higher studies after the completion of the course. A self-employment is also an option. One can even go for profiles like developing or freelancing for software companies with their abilities.

To gain an extensive understanding of this domain, one should go for advanced courses such as MCA and Ph.D. MCA can be specialized in systems development, systems management, the system, etc.

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) course comprises four contents like Mathematics behind Computer Science, concepts in core computers and non-core computer courses, systems science, and design or software development.

MCA is a two years postgraduate course. It is a full-time curriculum proposed by various Universities/colleges situated in India. This course has been divided into four semesters with a duration of six months each. 

The first year of this curriculum concentrates on the ability developments in computers. The second year aims to provide a conceptual frame, specializations, and project work.

BCA & MCA Degree at SRM University, Sonepat
Students at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

Top Recruiters

Several top recruiters look for fresher degree holders to offer the opportunity to work with. BCA & MCA is one of the demanding courses in the Informational Technology domain.

Here, we have listed the esteemed companies that recruit BCA & MCA graduates:

  • Syntel
  • TCS
  • Cognizant
  • NIIT
  • HCL
  • Dell
  • Wipro
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
  • Accenture

SRM University, Sonepat offers students excellent placement support with all the above-mentioned companies.

Urging demand for competent professionals in IT is increasing worldwide. After completing the course, a student can find his desired job in reputed IT companies like Oracle, IBM, Google, and Infosys. The student can also work as a junior programmer, system administrator, system engineer, or web developer

This area presents the students with ample possibilities to make a bright career in the private and public sectors. Like Indian Army, NIC, India Navy, and Indian Air Force, the government organization also recruits many IT professionals for their IT bureau. 

A candidate’s work profile may include:

  • System Engineer in the top prestigious companies like Infosys, Wipro, HP & Google.

A system engineer tests develop, and circuits evaluate software and personal computers.

  • Programmer in several software development companies.

A programmer has to write code for software. A programmer primarily works in the computer language such as Assembly, Python, COBOL, Java, Lisp, C, C++, C#, etc.

  • Web developer in various web designing businesses and online digital marketing firms.

The web developer is a programmer who exercises in the construction of worldwide web applications. The role of the web developer is to build and maintain websites. A web developer must have experiences in HTML/XHTML, JavaScript , CSS, PHP, etc.

  • System Administrator in a firm, including a school, college, or bank.

A System administrator is responsible for fixing up and maintaining the server or system.

  • Software developers in companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook.

A software developer has to develop software that reduces people’s tasks and empowers them to complete work efficiently. A software developer also installs, maintains, and tests the software.

The mentioned job profiles are the top choice for aspirants and besides this, many other options are also available but it entirely depends on the candidate’s skills, abilities, and software knowledge. This is why it is said that choosing an ideal institute is equally important for a student’s career.

BCA & MCA Degree at SRM University, Sonepat
Students at SRM University

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

BCA & MCA Degree at SRM University

One such premier institute offering the BCA and MCA degrees is SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat. SRMUH is one of the best science and humanities universities in Delhi offering both BCA and MCA degrees with unique specializations. SRMUH offers an advanced and world-class curriculum matching the industry requirements and trends, a practical learning environment with state-of-the-art labs, upgraded amenities, a library, and e-library facilities that ensure the overall development of the students. 

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, organizes regular industry visits, interactions, workshops, training sessions, student exchange programs and also offers internship and placement opportunities to the students through its international academic and industry collaborations. All such training and development activities, enhanced curriculum, and constant faculty support make SRMUH the top choice for BCA and MCA aspirants across the country.

MBA in Big Data Analytics

In India, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most trending PG course. An MBA degree is available in various specializations for the students to master their managerial, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills for a brighter future. It is an industry-oriented course that sharpens the skills, knowledge, and capability of the students and prepares them for final placements in the competitive world. 

MBA students are majorly involved in learning business management, planning, financial handling, and many such concepts. The specialized skills put them in a better position to manage businesses effectively while contributing their bit to the country’s economic development.

Also, there is a newly evolved specialization in MBA that has gained significant importance in the last decade. Big Data Analytics is a field that focuses explicitly on analyzing and extracting information from large and complex data sets that cannot be dealt with by traditional data processing application software. 

MBA in Big Data Analytics
Students at SRM Campus, Haryana

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

The integration of big data analytics with the management course has proven to be the best and beneficial one. An MBA degree with a specialization in Big Data Analytics is a broader term that includes technical as well as management grounds, making it one of the most rewarding careers in the coming future.

Students interested in building their careers in Big Data Analytics but don’t want to continue in the technical segment can apply for this degree. One can apply for an MBA degree with a specialization in Big Data Analytics with SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, one of the best management universities in Delhi NCR. SRMUH is a UGC Recognized and AICTE affiliated private state university that also holds accreditation with NAAC

MBA in Big Data Analytics
Students at SRM Campus, Haryana

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat

The faculty of management at SRMUH has international collaborations with top universities across the globe and also shares strong industrial relations with companies like TCS, KPMG, etc., to offer specialized training and development to the management students.  

SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, offers the best infrastructure, on-campus facilities, and other essential amenities that facilitate the learning process for the students and help them become competent for the professional world.

Prospects doing MBA after Engineering

One of the most common questions that one may ever come across after being a qualified engineer is “Why to do an MBA”? The reason why you ask this question is just that you’re attempting to shift your field from a technical to a managerial domain. So, what makes MBA a lucrative option for Indian engineers?

For engineers, searching to pursue their careers in the technical field, M.Tech could be one of the choices. However, engineering aspirants look forward to stepping in the field of management and business – MBA is a sure shot way to go. An MBA will enhance your communication, managerial and presentation skills.

Once you acquire an MBA degree in your hand, you’re all set to take a leap in the field of business and administration. You have various options to make your career such as in sales, marketing, human resources and operations management. A well-organised MBA program from a reputed institute would help you get a detailed insight into the operations of technologically-oriented firms. A successful MBA programme from one of the top MBA Universities in India can assist an engineering graduate to experience a metamorphosis that makes them successfully transformed into an accomplished leader. This program will provide him the power to settle-out business-related issues that can appear in a highly challenging corporate world.

For an engineer, an MBA can prove to be run away from the disorder. Besides, it is perhaps the only way IT engineers can advance in their ranks and play managerial roles in the software industry. Hence, the MBA program from one of the best MBA colleges in India can assist the aspirants in turning them into team leads, project managers, and play new roles in spheres such as recruitment, business development, administrations.

Is an MBA offer you a value addition over engineering? Well, having an MBA degree is a prestige gained over engineering. An MBA after engineering will offer you increased exposure to the business and administration field with management techniques combined with analytical skills. Now-a-days, there is an enormous demand for engineering graduates with an MBA in the corporate environment. That’s because some of the engineers have high chances of becoming future managers who will have to apply new practices and technology for optimum resource utilization and increase in productivity.

Details of MBA by SRM University, Delhi-NCR Sonepat

The details of MBA course offered by SRM University; Delhi-NCR Sonepat are as follows:

  • The MBA course duration from the University is 2 years.
  • MBA pursuant in order to apply for an MBA programme are required to pass their graduation or an equivalent examination in any subject from a UGC accredited University with minimum merit of 50% marks.
  • MBA programme fee is Rs. 1,50,000/- per annum

Enroll Yourself in one of the best MBA Colleges in India now!

Application Link – https://admissions.srmuniversity.ac.in/

Why you need to do an MBA?

Deciding to do an MBA? Don’t know how it can help you leverage your career opportunities? Well, this blog is for you to know the meticulous detail of earning an MBA degree. On top of it, is an MBA really worth it?

If you are actually entering the competitive world, we believe it is.

An MBA graduate degree will provide you with a couple of advantages, especially when it’s from an esteemed top-business school. Securing a high MBA salary after graduation, landing up a managerial position, developing a vigorous professional network, or even becoming your own boss are some of the benefits of studying an MBA from one of the top Universities in India.

Develop treasured management skills

MBA aspirants are often young professionals either graduate or having a minimum of two years of professional experience. Even senior employees who confront the challenges at their position may sometimes apply for MBA. After passing a couple of years in professional life, it is the human disposition to seek comfort and to avoid the risk-taking approach.

MBAs and their relevant specialisations will educate you a lot about everything that makes a company successfully going. You will learn how to:

  • Manufacture, sell and advertise your products
  • Maintaining the company’s financial position healthy
  • Sustaining the company’s positive reputation
  • Accumulate and interpret industry data
  • Recruit the right people and keep them motivated
  • Make hierarchies that help the company to flourish
  • Generating the tough calls at the right time

Studying a Master’s in Business Administration pushes you to come out of your comfort zone. You’ll face the latest International Business trends, implement the latest management techniques, and keep challenging yourself.

Go for the Best MBA colleges in India that will help you to develop the transferable skills and business mindset you need to succeed.

Start your Business from Scratch

Most of the students go for an MBA just because they wish to be an entrepreneur some day and learn how to run a business. They have a high aim and a dream of turning it into reality. An MBA will help you to gather business practices which are required to start a new business or help existing one to grow.

Most of the MBA graduates end up commencing their own business. Those who don’t, bag middle-level or top-level management positions with big companies. Just think how about becoming your own manager one would feel like.

Open the door to flourishing career opportunities

Full-time graduates or part-time MBA programs have higher possibility of holding a high-level managerial position and enjoying successful MBA career options. Your MBA degree will open the doors to the following careers:

  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager/Supply Chain Manager/Logistics Manager
  • Accounts officer
  • Entrepreneur


Experience a new workplace and culture

An MBA degree opens broader perspectives for you at the workplace you join. You can proficiently be capable of handling multiple opportunities while at the same time enjoying the prestige of earning a higher salary. And if your college offers overseas exposures or summer internships, chances are you can get massive exposure of getting to live in a foreign country, also experiencing and managing cultural diversity.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships are included in an MBA curriculum in order to provide exposure to the working conditions of a corporate World.  Facing corporate leaders, employees, communication skills and problem-solving abilities are developed during the project being handled by the student during an MBA curriculum.

Attractive Salary

MBA from a prestigious institution open the gates for attractive salary, perks or incentives. The career you choose in the company determines the fate of your remuneration to source. MBA specializations are meant to be included in the curriculum that hones the talents of the students to make them fit in such specialized professions.

Earning an MBA from one of the top MBA Colleges in India invites a plethora of opportunities to work at your advantage. Ask yourself, are you prepared to join the MBA so as to bolster your career prospects?

A Quick Guide for Engineering Aspirants

A Quick Guide for Engineering Aspirants

To the students who wish to believe in bringing a revolution into the world of Science and Technology, we know you have gone through your learning phase and established a strong base, now it’s the time to choose your specialised field and boost your learned skills when it comes to polishing them and open a space for creativity and innovation. The most difficult task is to choose the right college for yourself which not only provides you with the academic values but also prepare you for the real-world scenarios and challenges.

Here are some tips you can follow to pick up the best engineering university for yourself:

  • Make sure you have the required scores:

It’s okay to consider your mark sheet as just a piece of paper but if you are looking to pursue a college, make sure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria of securing 50%.

  1. Choosing an engineering stream:

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Chemical or architecture streams ensure you to take the right decision while deciding for your own specialization. Make sure to keep your interests aligned with your ambitious pursuits.

  1. Considering and categorizing colleges:

It is virtuous to segregate your college options into three groups. The first group should have names of top-notch colleges that are difficult to get into. The second group should have names of colleges that are mediocre and the ones where you will find easy admissions at the last when there is no college left to go.

  1. Write down your criteria:

Categorise colleges in the terms of the stream you select. Then categorize them based on-campus facilities, faculty, placements, accreditation, scholarship and alumni. Keep all the factors in consideration because all the things matter in the end.

  1. Rank your priorities:

You can prepare a list of pros and cons by comparing the colleges and rate them out of 10.

  1. Check if you are eligible for any scholarship or financial aid:

You should have a check on scholarships and financial aid, which is as important as choosing a college, you can attend one of the top colleges in India that you had set aside because you were not able to afford it’s tuition fees.

  1. Don’t be brand conscious:

Make a wise decision while making a college choice because, a college may be known for its excellent electronics and mechanical department, but the department of civil engineering may not be as well developed and equipped. If you were considering this college for civil engineering just because it is a well-known college, you may be disappointed by the standard of the department later during the course.  Do keep in check about the tenure of the department functioning in the college that will ensure you to assess finally whether you have chosen the right one.

  1. Personal recommendations:

Consult and seek the advice of your seniors who may have studied in those colleges or know someone who has. Discuss the facilities and teaching standards for the branch of your choice and then decide on including the college in your priority list.

In order to conclude, while in the race of chasing the best college in Delhi NCR, there are a lot of colleges which offer different specializations in engineering but you can keep your options open for SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat— the institute which is widely acknowledged for providing a platform to its students where various desires get converted into tangent reality under the canopy of the highly experienced industrial and talented professors.

10 Things an Engineering Student Wished They Knew When They Join the University

There are a lot of things that even the best engineering Universities in India will ever convey their engineering aspirants at the time of counselling. At SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, we believe that every engineering should know these things before they head start their University journey.

Here are some points that every engineering student should know when they join the University. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • There’s No end to curiosity

Ask anything out of curiosity, there is no such thing as a stupid question in this field. Don’t hold yourself, everyone starts from somewhere. Don’t have doubts about everything. Feel free to ask anything because half knowledge about anything can be dangerous.

  • You Probably Won’t Use Everything You Learn

That’s true you won’t be able to use every theory in real life, but you still need to learn. Most jobs you undertake in your future won’t require all of the knowledge you gleaned in University, but that doesn’t mean you can just skip out on the classes you think aren’t worthwhile.

  • You Need to Push Yourself and Take Initiative

Don’t wait around for someone else to tell you, because that might not happen. You have an entire library and other online resources, use it wisely.

  • Reflect on What Inspires You

Identify things that inspire you and break them down to achieve your goal can help you groom in your field more smoothly.

  • Look Outside of Your Desired Field

You’ll be surprised at what you can apply to your own work in some other field, and it will give you a better understanding of other engineers and their processes.

  • Get Hands-On Experience

You’ll never fully understand some of the things you’re studying until you put them to the test. Explore your arena —gain experience.

  • Start Your Portfolio Sooner Rather Than Later

Your portfolio reflects your work and hard work. Make sure you have a proper record of every document and project you worked on. This way you won’t have to specify in detail future employers about your skills, but instead, you can show them.

  • Use the Internet to Your Advantage

From lectures on YouTube to podcasts, there’s no shortage of ways to supplement your learning. So, if you’ve missed a class or lecture or facing troubles to understand something, all you need is to acquaint yourself from all the resources available on the Internet.

  • If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re in the Wrong Place

If you apprehend that engineering isn’t for you, there’s no shame in reconsidering this path. At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy things you are doing,  you don’t belong there.

  • Don’t Limit Your Skills to Engineering Alone

Once you jump onto working, you might find it’s unlike to what you had anticipated. You might discover yourself at a desk dealing with documents and paperwork more than you thought, so you’ll need to prepare accordingly.

After going through the above blog, you must have understood that there’s no end to learning as it can come from every nook and corner of the world. Engineering not only strangulates you to your limits of classroom learning but there’s more room for learning from the outside world and that can be developed through your curiosity and adaptability to learn. In this way, you’ll be able to prove your mettle by enjoying your engineering studies by joining one of the best engineering Universities in India.

SRMHCAT: Admission Registration 2019

Begin your first step to chasing your dreams

Stepping out of the school is a crucial phase when you are out of the protective shield of teachers and parents. In this time period, you are free to take your own decisions that can shape and make your future. Choosing the right direction and college can be difficult. Keeping your ambition in priority, SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. courses in all the three streams i.e. engineering, law, and management.

SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat is considered as one of the best universities in Delhi NCR, recognised by the Ministry of HRD in Category A and accreditation with NAAC. The college believes to rise as a university that provides their students with a unique learning experience in Science, Technology, Medicine, Management and other areas of scholarship that nurture their students to face real-world challenges.

To be a part of this prestigious university, you must crack the common entrance test i.e. SRMHCAT.

SRMHCAT (SRM Haryana Common Aptitude test) is conducted by SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat for the admission of B.Tech, B.com, MBA, M.LIS, M.A., M.Tech.

Admission Registration 2019 : Important Dates and Eligibility Criteria

The following are the important dates and eligibility criteria for the admission aspirants:

Important Dates:

Starting of Online Registration and Slot Booking Date  – March 24- April 3, 2019

Last date  to apply for Online Registration – May 27, 2019

Date of the Entrance Test –  June 9, 2019

Date for Result Declaration – Last week of June 2019(Tentative).


There are different eligibility criteria for different courses:

B.Tech :

Candidate should have passed 12th with minimum of 50%. The candidate who has appeared for 12th and is waiting for results can also apply.

B.Com :

Candidate should have the following subjects in 12th with an aggregate of 50% in accountancy, maths, economics and business studies.

MBA/LLB (Integrated) :

Candidate should have passed 12th with minimum of 50%.  The candidate who has appeared for 12th and is waiting for results can also apply.

LLB/ MA (English)/ MBA  –

Aspirants of these courses must be graduated from a UGC recognised university with an aggregate of 50%.

M.Tech (Mechanical) –

Students applying for M.Tech should have B.E./M.Tech in Mechanical/ Production/ Automobile/ Industrial and Aeronautics with 50% aggregate.

  1. Tech (Computer Science) –

Candidate must have passed B.E./B.Tech in Computer Science/ Information and Technology/ Electronics and Communication/ Electronics and Telecommunication/ Electronics and instrumentation with an aggregate of 50%

How to apply?

Aspirants can enrol through online registration before the last date. For online registration, you can visit: https://admissions.srmuniversity.ac.in/

You can visit the website, register and enrol yourself by selecting the course you are willing to appear for the entrance test.

SRMHCAT Fees: 11OO/- Only.

Exam Pattern:

  • 100 multiple choice questions.
  • Time Duration – 90 min
  • 3 marks for right answers.
  • No Negative Marking.

Blueprint for the SRMHCAT 2019 for all the courses are as follows:

B.Tech :

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

B.Com/ B.LIS/ MBA (integrated)/ MBA/M.Tech and M.LIS and M.A. (English)  :

  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness

Exam Pattern:

  • 100 multiple choice questions.
  • Time Duration – 90 min
  • 3 marks for right answers.
  • No Negative Marking.

Exam Centres:

(You can refer the following link for other admission enquiries: http://www.srmuniversity.ac.in/)

SRMHCAT – Admission Registration 2018

Admission Registration 2018

admission registration 2018SRMHCAT      (SRM Haryana   Common Aptitude   Test)   is conducted           for    admission in all the course   running in SRM       University. Application    form for SRMHCAT – 2018 has been released. Last date for receiving the application form is 30 May, 2018 and the date for entrance  examination   on   10  June, 2018.   Students can get this form either offline or online. Its fee is Rs. 1100/- which is non-refundable. Students can get this application form from address mentioned below:






Helpline No.: 09541779883

Toll free No.: 18001801216

For getting the application form online or more information, you can visit website http://www.srmuniversity.ac.in

Before proceeding for the admission, please ensure that you have read all the   eligibility   criteria for all the courses for which you intend to take the entrance exam.

The   undergraduate   and   post   graduate   courses   running    under   SRM University are listed below:

Under Graduate Courses

Faculty of Engineering and Technology – 4 years duration

  • Tech – Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Cloud and Mobile based Application (in association with IBM)
  • Tech – Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Big Data & Analytics (in association with IBM)
  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  •  Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Tech – Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics and Automation

Faculty of Law – 3 years

  • Bachelor of Law – LL.B (Hons.)

Faculty of Management – 3 years

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)

Faculty of Commerce – 3 years

  • Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com (Hons.)

Faculty of Science & Humanities – 3 years

  • Sc. – General (PCM/PCB), Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Chemistry, BZC, BBC
  • BA – English
  • BCA

Post Graduate Courses

Faculty of Engineering and Technology – 2 years

  • Tech – Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization Cloud computing & Mobile based application and Big Data & Analytics)
  • Tech – Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering / Microelectronics


Faculty of Law – 1 year

  • Master of Law ( LL.M)

Faculty of Management – 2 years

  • B (MBA)
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA – Banking and Financial Services

Faculty of Commerce – 2 years

  • Master of Commerce – M.Com

Faculty of Science & Humanities – 2 years

  • Master of Arts (M.A) (English)
  • Master of Arts (M.A) (Economics)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) – Microbiology (Applied / Pharmaceutical), Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Mathematics and Environmental Science.

Eligibility criteria for SRMHCAT

  • Tech/B.Com/MBA (Integrated)/LL.B (Integrated)/B.LIS

Candidates must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in 12th standard (PCM) either recognized by State or Central Education Board.

  • Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Eligibility criteria:

Candidate must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in B.Tech/B.E in Mechanical Engineering/Automobile Engg./Production Engg.

  • Tech (Computer Science & Engineering):

Candidate must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in B.Tech/B.E in computer science/Information Technology/Electronics & Telecommunication.

  • B/M.LIS/M.A(English)/MBA:

Candidate must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in graduation or equivalent examination from a UGC recognized University.

Instruction to be followed while admission registration:

Please use valid email id at the time of registration.

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Best Engineering Institutes in Delhi

Best Engineering Institutes in Delhi

best engineering institutes in Delhi

Delhi is a hub of education in  north  india and capital of       India       and        SRM University         are         best engineering   institutes   in delhi.   In      delhi,      Many institutes     in    delhi     are providing    graduate     and postgraduate courses but SRM  university  in  delhi  ncr  are  offering  all  graduate  and  post  graduate courses at affordable fee structure  as much as to another institutes in delhi. Delhi is the collection of mix cultures and there people from various regions and states india, that  means  delhi  is a colorful state. Delhi is a collection of many engineering courses and  branches. Many foreigner students comes in india    and    take   admission    according    to    own  interested  colleges  and engineering branches on NRI Quota.

List of the Best Engineering Institutes in Delhi:

  • Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • CH Braham Prakash Government Engineering College in Delhi
  • Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • Amity School of Engineering and Technology in Delhi
  • Northern India Engineering College in Delhi
  • Delhi Technological University in Delhi
  • Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • University School of Chemical Technology in Delhi
  • GB Pant Government Engineering College in Delhi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering in Delhi
  • Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • National Power Training Institute in Faridabad
  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women in Delhi
  • National Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • University School of Information Technology in Delhi
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi
  • Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology in Delhi

During MBA Course, students need to complete a total of 38 courses, inclusive of elective course specialization offered by the university. Core specializations offered by the Top MBA Universities are listed below:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HRM
  • Systems
  • Operations

During this course, these universities conduct regular Personality Development Programs such as Team Building, Goal Orientations, Stress Management and behavioral programs.