MTech Course in Civil Engineering

MTech Course in Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the study of designing, construction, and maintenance of building, roads, bridges, dams and canal etc. Civil Engineers basically design, develop, operate and maintain the construction projects including roads, buildings, canals, bridges, dams. TO become a civil engineer one has to be specialized in any of the discipline of civil engineering. And there are many disciplines of Civil Engineering which have to be chosen by the student after completing B.Tech Graduation. After completion of B.Tech, one has to choose one field among various disciplines of Civil Engineering during post graduation. Following are the major MTech Course in Civil Engineering which is basically two year post graduation course.

Building Technology and Construction Management: This specialization is concerned with functional designing of building & its energy management, Construction project management, Construction Planning and Control, Quality and safety management and computer application in construction.

Environmental Engineering: It is concerned with hazardous waste management & environmental remediation work, waste water treatment, and air pollution by treating biological, chemical, thermal wastes, purification of air and water and remediation of contaminated sites due to waste disposal.

Structural Engineering: It is concerned with the structural design and analysis of buildings, towers, bridges, flyovers, tunnels and aerostructure. During this course, Students have to analyze the relation between load and the structure upon which load is placed. One should have to identify what effect will occur on the structure due to that load. The structural engineer must have to design those structures which are safe for their users and to successfully fulfill the function they are designed for (to be serviceable). Following are the consideration which are focused in this discipline: Stiffness, strength, stability, sustainability of the structure

Transportation Engineering: It is concerned with designing, constructing and maintaining the transportation infrastructure including canals, streets, airport, highways and railways. In Transportation Engineering, Focus is on transportation planning, transportation design, traffic engineering, infrastructure management and Intelligent Transportation System.

Some other streams are Geotechnical and Geo environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Remote Sensing and GIS, Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design, Geo-Informatics and Survey Technology, etc.

Eligibility Criteria and suitability:

  • To pursue MTech course in civil Engineering, candidate must be qualified in B.E./BTech course in Civil Engineering or equivalent examination
  • Candidate must have skills of problem solving, should have ability of analyzing, evaluating design and ability to work as team

M.Tech specialist’s career opportunities:

  • Tech Civil Engineer can apply in Education Teaching, Infrastructural Engineering, Facility Engineering
  • Tech Civil Engineer may be Civil Engineering Specialist, Land Surveyor, Project Manager, Coordinator, Graduate Executive Trainee, and Executive Manager
  • Civil Engineers are employed in the railways, Construction Companies, Military and Engineering Services