Mtech Course in Civil Engineering

Mtech Course in Civil Engineering:

The department of civil engineering dealing the study syllabus of designing, construction, and maintenance of building, roads, bridges, dams and canal etc. Civil Engineers basically work on designing, development, maintenance, constructions, and handling projects including roads, buildings, canals, bridges, dams. There have many disciplines of Civil Engineer and would be manage all project responsibilities. Btech course in civil engineering is the best course whose students they are interested in this field. After completion of B.Tech, students can move to post graduation course in civil engineering means Mtech course in civil engineering . This is a basically two year post graduation degree program.

Mtech Course in Civil Engineering Syllabus:

Sr. No.  Subjects of Study
(A) Building Technology and Construction Management
1 Advanced Concrete Technology
2 Building Acoustics and Noise Control
3 Building Services
4 Computer Applications in Construction
5 Construction Contracts and Specifications
6 Construction Economics and Finance
7 Construction Engineering and Management
8 Construction Methods and Equipment
9 Construction Personnel Management
10 Construction Planning and Control
11 Construction Project Management
12 Energy Management in Buildings
13 Functional Design of Buildings
14 Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Facilities
15 Modern Construction Materials
16 Quality and Safety Management
17 Structural Systems and Design
(B) Structural Engineering
1 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
2 Advanced Steel Design
3 Advanced Structural Analysis
4 Analysis & Design of Plates & Shells
5 Applied Elasticity & Plasticity
6 Bridge Engineering
7 Composite Structures
8 Finite Element Method
9 High Rise Structures
10 Material Technology
11 Pre-stressed Concrete
12 Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering
13 Stability of Structures
(C) Geotechnical Engineering
1 Advanced Soil Mechanics
2 Dynamics of Soils and Foundations
3 Earth Retaining Structures
4 Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
5 Environmental Geo-techniques
6 Ground Improvement Techniques
7 Ground Water & Flow through Porous Media
8 Optimization Methods &Its Application in Civil Engineering
9 Rock Mechanics
10 Soil Exploration and Analysis of Foundations
11 Soil-Structure Interaction
12 Stability Analysis of Slopes, Dams and Embankments
13 Strength & Deformation Behaviour of Soil
(D) Environmental Engineering
1 Advanced Air Quality Management
2 Advanced Wastewater Treatment
3 Environmental Impact & Risk Assessment
4 Environmental Legislation & Policy
5 Industrial Pollution Prevention & Clean Technologies
6 Principles of Environmental Management
7 Water and Wastewater Engineering
(E) Transportation Engineering
1 Advanced Railway Engineering
2 Analysis & Structural Design of Pavements
3 Evaluation and Strengthening of Pavements
4 Geometric Design of Highways
5 Highway and Airport Pavement Materials
6 Mass Transit Systems
7 Planning & Design of Airports
8 Traffic Engineering & Traffic Flow Theory
9 Transportation & Environment
10 Transportation Systems, Analysis & Modelling
11 Transportation Systems Planning
(F) Water Resources Engineering
1 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
2 Computational Fluid Dynamics
3 Design of Hydraulic Systems
4 Fluvial Hydraulics
5 Ground Water Assessment & Development
6 Hydraulic Structures & Hydro Power Engineering
7 Hydrology and Hydraulics of Surface and Sub-Surface Water
8 Hydrologic Element and Analysis
9 Integrated River Basin Management
10 Open Channel Flow
11 Water Quality Modelling & Management
12 Water Resources Management