Post Graduate course in Physics

Post Graduate course in Physics

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in     Physics    is    a     post graduate       course         in physics. Which deals with the  study  of  the universe and  physical  matter  and the   processes   operating within  it. It is a two years degree programme meant for  able  students  who  wants  to  deepens  their  knowledge  of  physics  and pursue  a  research   career   within   university   and   national   or   industrial research  laboratory. This course is open to both the physicists and students from  engineering ,  mathematics   or   chemistry   disciplines.   During  M.Sc. Physics  course ,  students  are  well  trained  by research programs to mould them     as     global     leader   in   Science   and    Technology   to   engage   and communicate with society.

Physics  Lab  with  attached  dark  room   has   been  provided with most modern  equipments  needed  for  not   only  conducting   practical   but  also helpful  for  research  and  development  work.  The    faculty   of   physics   is always  devoted  for  further  advancement  and continuous improvement of the lab  not  only  for  meeting  the  university  requirement  but  also  for undertaking  advanced  research  study .  The  Department   is   conducting research   in   the   front-line   areas   of   Applied   Physics   including  Nano-photonics  , surface  enhanced  Raman  scattering (SERS)  and   Raman spectroscopy, microfluidics, biosensors etc.

Eligibility for M.Sc. Physics:

  • Candidate must have secured 50% marks in aggregate in Bachelor Degree in any discipline (with Physics and Mathematics) or equivalent.
  • He should have passed entrance test conducted by the university.
  • Should be proficient in English communication.
  • Candidate should have excellent numeracy skills and problem solving skills.

M.Sc. Physics Career Opportunity:

  • Lecturer
  • Online Tutor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Content Writer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Chemistry / Physics Lab Assistant
  • Physics Training Manager
  • Physics Mentor

Employment Areas for M.Sc. Physics:

  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Aerospace Defence Sector
  • Oil and Gas Sector
  • Medical Content Writing
  • Colleges and Universities
How to apply?

Candidate can apply for M.Sc. Physics programme by giving entrance test conducted by SRM University. For more information, you can visit