In the current scenario, the revolution in modern Industrial systems is one of the most critical business and societal changes. Demand of automation has seen a surge due to urbanization and new regulatory bodies.

There are various challenges in product development viz. range, capabilities, design and durability. Achieving all these parameter while maintaining the cost efficiency and without compromising on the safety standards is a major goal for production houses. This requires innovation and engineering application which was never been seen before.

One of the foremost Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software company is Siemens which was established in 1997 in Munich, Germany. Siemens PLM software offers simulation, analysis and testing solutions to all the aspects of Automation. These software offers a comprehensive and integrated solution to all the problems of Automation. Siemens PLM software have given industries an upper hand in electric vehicle development and viable solution to the problems faced in such electric vehicles by the Industry and its consumers.

Siemens has established itself as a market leader by helping in expansion of many industries across the world with 360º innovation ecosystem. Driven by a deep understanding of their customers’ requirements, Siemens have used its industry software to implement solutions that helped companies everywhere to attain sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.

SRM University, Delhi – NCR, Sonepat, Haryana joined hands with Siemens to launch “Siemens Centre of Excellence (COE)” to provide their students a platform wherein they can learn and use PLM software to enhance their knowledge. The Siemens COE will not only help students innovate but also turn their ideas into reality. The total cost of the Project is Rs.36 Crore, out of which SRM will invest 10% of the project cost and remaining cost is bear by Siemens. Currently the Siemens COE will have the following labs:

  • Product Digitalization – Design Lab
  • Process Digitalization – Production Planning Lab
  • Bio Tech Specialized Lab
  • Simulation and Analysis Lab
  • CNC Controller Lab

These labs not only provide a widespread learning experience but also have all the tools and applications which are desired in Industry to enhance Automation.

As Coordinator (Industrial Relationship), my vision to bring this project to our University is to provide a platform to all the engineering students wherein they can learn and nurture their skills and excel in Industry and Research. I want my students to compete with the very best and bring laurels to this organization in the field of Research and Technology.