Inauguration of Centre for Drug Design Discovery & Development (C4D) to discover new drugs to combat drug resistant super bugs

Date: July 10, 2015

With the increasing spate of new outbreaks such swine flu (H1N1) posing greater health security in many countries such as India, there is a growing need felt for developing new drugs and vaccines for effective health management. This is particularly important for countries like India which have a heavy disease burden in particular of neglected diseases such as Malaria, T. B., Kala azar, Dengue, Chikngunya, and Japanese Encephalities.

While no doubt billions of US dollars are being expended towards developing new drugs through New Chemical Entities (NCE), the number of successful drugs, however, coming into the market is abysmally low. What is more alarming is the fact that increasing number of first, second and third generation antibiotics are prone to microbial resistance, leaving no option to save lives of those affected by drug resistant super bugs. The urgency among developing countries like India to sensitise scientists, medical practitioners, pharma industry, custodians of the public health system, and public at large on the increasing non-availability of suitable drugs for patients with Multi-drug Resistance (MDR), Extensive Drug Resistance (XDR) and Complete Drug Resistance (CDR) and therefore, re-orient the priorities of research and development for management of antimicrobial resistance.

In order to address this issue, SRM University Haryana has established a special centre ? Centre for Drug Design Discovery & Development (C4D) to discover & develop new drugs against the multi-drug resistant pathogens with special focus against TB, kala azar, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. This special centre was inaugurated by Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch Jr., CEO of Roosevelt Group and Professor of Said Business School, University of Oxford in the presence of Hon?ble Founder Chancellor Dr. T.R. Paari Vendhar, SRM University and Hon?ble Vice Chancellor of SRM University Haryana, Prof. S. Rajarajan. The event was witnessed by distinguished guests, scientists from the Government, Industries and Academics. After the inauguration ceremony, the inaugural session was organized at SRM University Auditorium with 300 participants and the session was chaired by Hon?ble Vice Chancellor Prof. S. Rajarajan. The Founder Chancellor Dr. T. R. Paari Vendhar delivered the inaugural address and the keynote address was delivered by Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch. The Director of Research, Dr. GJ Samathanam addressed the audience on the research strategies of C4D lab.