Dr. M K Senthil Babu, Department of English at University of Oxford & University of London, UK

Dec 28, 2019

Dr. M K Senthil Babu, Assistant Professor, Department of English attended and presented a paper at a conference organized by the Association of Social Anthropologists, United Kingdom (UK) and Commonwealth Annual Conference in association with the University of Oxford during December 18-21, 2018. Hosted by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography of the University of Oxford (including the Pitt Rivers Museum) and the Department of Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, he presented the Paper, titled “To look right, to fit in”: teenage anorexia, the spiral of silence, and graphic medicine. This paper explores how the fear of isolation and rejection acts as a socio-cultural catalyst for the rise of teenage anorexia. Additionally, this paper also divulges how graphic medicine enables sufferers to make sense of their disintegrated socio-cultural world.

Delivering Lecture at Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford University.


International Conference on (Neo) Victorian Studies: “Frames of Mind"

Dr. M K Senthil Babu presented another paper, titled "Victorian Insecurities, Eating Disorders and Graphic Narratives" organized by the London Centre of Interdisciplinary Research (LCIR) and University of London on 9-10 July 2019,  London, UK. This paper forefronts the abiding and irrefutable presence and influence of Victorian concepts of restrictive eating in the postmillennial era. Borrowing the theoretical postulates of Susan Bordo, Susie Orbach and Deborah Lupton, this article seeks to investigate the subterranean cultural connection between the two centuries. Exploiting the stylistic and structural affordances of co+mics medium, The House That Groaned is examined as a verbo-visual statement about the subjectification/objectification of women considering eating disorders as a detrimental cultural translation of the Victorian ideals.

With the Presenters at Valentines Mansion & Gardens, Ilford, UK


Christ University, Bengaluru

Dr. M K Senthil Babu presented a paper, titled, “Linguistic Imperialism and medium of Education in Postcolonial India” organized by the Department of English, Christ University, Bengaluru on Extending Postcolonialism: Living in an age of Precariousness and Precarity on Feb 4 -5, 2019. The conference attempted in exploring the precariousness and precarity of ‘lifeworlds’ that do not rest solely within the discipline of Literary Studies, rather, it must be a multi-disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary endeavour for which a host of disciplines can provide valuable insights and strategies. The paper presented, explicates the notion of medium of instruction in academic institutions, where regardless of the medium in the schools, students perform better when they have the habit of reading and imbibing new knowledge. The paper concludes that the current debate on ‘Postcolonial Studies,’ primarily concerned with the colonial past, shaped by the process of colonization, unexamined the emergence of global present and future.

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