Participation of SRMUH at Auto-Sports India MegaATV Championship held at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Date: March 21, 2017


Unquestionably, the students from Mechanical Engineering (1st year/2nd year/ 3rd year) proved them to be competent once again when they developed an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) at the University in Mechanical Engineering Workshop. This ATV was transported to P.D.V.V.P. College, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, which hosted the event for the participation in Mega ATV Championship, held under the authorization of Auto-Sports India. A team of twenty students including a faculty advisor, Bhuvnesh Kumar, went to Ahmednagar to participate in the championship. A total of seventy eight teams from various Universities and institutions, including SRM Ramapuram, VIT Chennai, Maharaja Agrasen Institute, Delhi, K.R. Mangalam, Gurgaon etc. from all over India participated in the championship. Most of the teams had been participants already in SAE BAJA Championship.

On the first day, when the teams were allotted their pits/Cart No. and asked to take the ATVs to their individual pits, our team, SRM Scorpions, was allotted pit/cart No. 26. Teams were given the time to check and get ready with their ATV?s for the Technical Inspection to be held on the next day. A manufacturing pit was provided with different welding sets near the pit area in case of breakdown of the ATVs. The second day, the first round was Technical Inspection, which included Driver Safety and Engine testing. A team from organizers of Mega ATV Championship and Auto-sports India inspected the ATV. Team SRM Scorpions cleared the T.I. with flying colors where as some of the renowned and well-established teams were struggling to clear T.I. Even, few teams like, K.R. Mangalam and Amity Rajasthan were disqualified in technical inspection.

The SRM team cleared the brake test, which used to be the most crucial part for the safety of an off road vehicle and its driver, where the ATV had to run on full throttle and after 50 meter the driver had to apply the brakes and it should have to stop within 15 feet distance. In the drag test, where the teams were lined up for a race of 100 meter, two ATVs were allowed to run at one time and their time lap was measured with the help of Transponders fitted on each ATV. Team SRM Scorpions secured the fourteenth position, whereas, team SRM Ramapuram was placed far behind us and team VIT was next to us. In the event, team Silver Oak, Pune came out victoriously first and team from Maharaja Agrasen meritoriously placed second.

In the Flat Dirt race, an uneven track of 5.4 km was prepared on the hills of Ahmednagar, all the teams were to complete the lap in minimum time. Among the competing teams, our ATV completed the lap in 7min and 50 seconds. During the competition, team Scorpions faced a problem with the fire Extinguisher and chain drive, so the vehicle was delayed by at least one minute but still Team managed the rank. In the Armageddon Race, which is considered to be the most difficult track, made by placing heavy stones, line of tyres, deep-pit holes, earth mounds and sharp turns for a distance of 500 meters, our team failed at this track because of failure of chain drive and couldn?t complete the race and had to come out of the track. Being first timers of this type, team SRM Scorpions posed a great challenge to very experienced teams like Maharaja Agrasen, SRM Ramapuram, ITM Hyderabad, VIT and others. Interestingly, the students? perseverance and steadfastness during last three months, resulted a great satisfaction. Still, it was a great practical learning experience for the students and it would be helpful to make them great engineers based on hands on practical experiences.

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