Postgraduate Courses

A multidisciplinary, broad-based approach is central to our vision. Our successes in education and research will not only train generations of leaders and create new knowledge but also will help revolutionize technology.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Course Duration
M.Tech. - Civil (Structural Engineering) 2 years
 M.Tech. Biotechnology Pharmaceutical 2 years
M.Tech. - Electronics & Communication (Microelectronics and VLSI Design ) 2 years
M.Tech. in Production Engineering 2 years
M.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering ( Big Data Analytics ) 2 years

Faculty of Law

Course Duration
LL.M.- one year 1 year

Faculty of Science and Humanities

Course Duration
M.Sc. - Microbiology 2 years
M.Sc. – Biotechnology 2 years
M.Sc. - Chemistry 2 years
M.Sc. - Mathematics 2 years
M.Sc - Physics 2 years
M.A. - English 2 years
M.Sc. - Environmental Science 2 years

Faculty of Management Studies

Course Duration
M.B.A. 2 years
M.B.A.- (Big Data Analytics) 2 years
M.B.A.- (Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning) 2 years

Faculty of Commerce & Finance

Course Duration
M.Com. 2 years