Dr. Sanil M.Neelakandan

Assistant Professor

Legal Studies


Degree Specialization University/Institute Name, Year
M.Phil Sociology J.N.U.New Delhi, 2010
MA Sociology University of Hyderabad, 2007
Ph.D Sociology J.N.U.New Delhi, 2015

Research Interests

Sociology of knowledge, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Law, Sociological Theory, Social Theory.

Current Courses Taught / Teaching Interest

  • Indian Sociology
  • Sociology of Education
  •  Science, Technology and Society
  • Political Sociology
  • Economic Sociology
  • Research Methodology
  • Sociology of Law

Academic Experience / Industrial Experience

  • Assistant Professor in Sociology, School of Legal Studies, SRM University, Sonepat, Haryana – from 2016 to Present
  • Taught in the School of Liberal Studies and also at School of Business, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi – 2015 

Achievements / Awards / Recognitions

National Eligibility Test (NET) in Sociology, December 2006

Selected Publications/Working Papers


Socialism: A Reader, Aakar publications, New Delhi,2019. 


  • ‘Critique of the Un/known: On the mediation of ‘dominant’ analysis’, In, Special Issue on ‘Mythopoesis: Reconstructing Subjugated Knowledges’, Diotima: A Journal of New Readings (2018), pp.49-58, Vol.9, ISSN 2319-4189.
  • ‘Complexities of Inclusion and Exclusion: Dalit Students and Higher Education’, Journal of Social Inclusion, Special issue on ‘Social Inclusion in Higher Education’, (2012), (First Author), A Peer Reviewed Journal, pp.87-100, Griffith University, Australia, ISSN;1836-8808.
  • ‘Questioning Caste and Gender in Kerala’, (2010), Women’s Link, Social Action Trust, New Delhi, Vol.16, No.3, ISSN:2229-6409.
  • ‘Still A Part Apart’(2006) , The Little Magazine, Special Issue on Reservation , New Del-hi,Vol.6,Issue 4 &5 .
  • ‘Writing and Reflecting on Dalit literature’ (2005) Insight Journal, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi .


  • ‘Issues of Leadership revisited’ (2015) in Women and Political Process ,School of Gender and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, ISBN 978-81-266-6856-
  • Profiles and Struggles (2015), in Women and Political Process, School of Gender and Development Studies, New Delhi, ISBN 978-81-266-6856-4.
  • Philosophical and Psychoanalytical Perspectives (2011), in, Theories of Women’s and Gender Studies, School of Gender and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, pp.441-65, ISBN:978-81-266-5756-8.

Book Reviews:

  • Review of Gareth Dale’s book (2018) Reconstructing Karl Polanyi: Excavation and Critique in Capital and Class Journal, Sage Publishers.
  • Review of T.E. Woronov’s book (2017) Class Work: Vocational Schools and China’s Urban Youthin Capital and ClassJournal, Sage Publishers.
  • Review of Gary Browning’s book, (2017) Global Theory from Kant to Hardt and Negri in Counter current.org. Online
  • Review of Thaddeus Metz and Joseph B R Gaie’s book (2017) Moral Education in Sub-Saharan Africa:Culture,Economics, Conflict, and AIDS in Counter current.org. Online.
  • Review of RomandColes’s book (2016), Visionary Pragmatism, Capital and Class Journal, Sage Publishers, pp.566-68,ISSN:0309-8168.
  • Review of Jodi Dean’s book (2012) Democracy and other Neoliberal fantasies: Communicative capitalism and Left politics’, Capital & Class Journal, pp.571-73, Sage Publishers, ISSN:0309-8168.
  • ‘On Civil Society’ (2005) Social Change and Development Journal, Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Change and Development Journal