SRM University Delhi-NCR Sonepat is accepting SAT score secured in 2018-19 SAT administration for Undergraduate programmes.

Students can choose to apply either through SAT score OR appear for the SRMHCAT conducted by the University. The SAT score will be accepted for the Regular Admissions. The cut-off score for SAT will be in line with our shortlisting criteria for Undergraduate admissions. Eligible candidates will be directly invited for the personal interviews.

Currently, the SAT is administered 5 times in a year in over 40 cities and 80 test centers across the country.  You can find available test centers to sit for the SAT in your area by filtering on India (or the country where you’d like to test) in this list:

The Designated Institution (SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat) code is 7701. All applicants applying with SAT score need to send us their official transcripts using this code. ‘Sending SAT scores to your university is free of cost’

To see SAT test dates and deadlines or to register for an upcoming SAT exam, see here:

College Board India Scholars Program

In October 2018, the College Board and the India Global Alliance member universities launched the College Board India Scholars Program, a scholarship program that expands access and inclusion to a quality undergraduate education in India. Under this program, students who take the SAT and score high will be recognized for their achievement, while low-income, high-achieving students will qualify for scholarships to participating Indian member universities of the Alliance.

  • Annual household income < INR 8 lakh – 100% tuition scholarship ($2500 from College Board for each year of program; remainder of tuition fee for each year of program to be covered by participating Indian Global Alliance university)
  • Annual household income between INR 8 lakh and INR 15 lakh – One-time $1500 tuition scholarship from College Board towards Year 1 tuition fees. All India Global Alliance universities are included.

To qualify for the College Board India Scholarships, student needs to take the following steps:

  1. Take the SAT
    Students need to take the SAT. To ensure low-income students are able to sit for the SAT, College Board has engaged Buddy4Study to distribute SAT fee reduction vouchers to low-income students across India. Students who took the SAT since the launch of the scholarship program i.e. October 2018 admin will be considered for the scholarships.

  2. Earn Top Performer Status
    All students in India who achieve a score of 1300 (out of 1600) or higher on the SAT and are part of the graduating cohort will be recognized as College Board India Top Performers. Recognition emails will be sent by College Board in January and April each year.

  3. Qualify to be Eligible for College Board India Scholarships
    Top Performers that meet SAT score and annual household income criteria may then apply for College Board India scholarships to participating Alliance member universities in India. Selection of final recipients will be made by Alliance members each month of the admission cycle through to July of each year. The student must be a resident of India, be offered admission to the university, have demonstrated the financial need, and enrolls in the Alliance member university.

Key Timelines

  • College Board recognizes Top Performers in January and April each year
  • IGA universities determine admission award to applicants from February to June
  • IGA universities nominate students for scholarships to College Board and Buddy4Study at the end of each month from February to June
  • Buddy4Study vets students for income status (this only applies to students from families with annual household income < INR 8 lakhs)
  • College Board/Buddy4Study shares list of vetted students for scholarships to IGA universities between February and June
  • Upon confirmation of enrollment, College Board transfers scholarship money to Buddy4Study and Buddy4Study transfers money to IGA university by August/September

Read more about the College Board India Scholars Program here

Other Support by College Board for SAT exam
Fee reduction vouchers will be available to all students in India from low-income backgrounds who meet the annual family income criteria set by the College Board. Students will have to apply at Buddy4Study for the fee reduction vouchers.

Request for SAT Fee reduction voucher –
For eligible students appearing for the May 2020 and October 2020 test.
All the information provided here is for reference purpose only. The scholarship details provided is sourced from the website of Buddy4Study. The College Board has engaged Buddy4Study, the scholarship platform to distribute SAT fee reductions to low-income students across India.