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Co-Curricular Activities

The Cultural Fest Prisma 2022

The Prisma 2022 at SRMUH was all about Music, Drama, Fashion Show, Photography, Singing, Dancing, Art & crafts, Literary, and above all, lots of fun! The campus dazzled with celebrity presence where the famous singer Parmish Verma, the hilarious comedian Guthi, & the famous cricket player Himanshu Rana were a part of the event.

Cultural Events

Various innovative festivals are celebrated in and around the campus which has a great significance in terms of celebrations and creating bonds. Every festival we organize has a story behind them which becomes the core of the celebrations. SRM is a place to learn the diversity of multi-cultures and rituals that our magnificent country has been following.

Enviro Club

The Enviro club was formed to create awareness to preserve our planet and an undertaking that – I will do my bit. The members create awareness through posters inspiring our students to use less electricity, reduce wastage of water, and say ‘no to plastic’, workshops-waste to wealth, vermicomposting, recycling paper, initiatives like planting trees, having eco-friendly attitudes.

Quizzers Club

The main motive of our Quizzing Club is to create an atmosphere of competitive fellowship. The club hosts monthly quizzes to test the academic knowledge of the students.

Adventure Club

Adventure club aims to promote adventure and fun among the students. Trekking, turtle walks, and rock climbing are planned throughout the year.

News Letter: Spectrum and Reflection

These newsletters help us connect within and to the outside world. Spectrum is a monthly magazine that shares all happenings in the SRM world. Reflection is our online newsletter which is again coordinated by the student’s team in association with the papyrus club. New teams are formed every year.

Social Service Club

The College has 4 units of NSS. These clubs work on other unique initiatives of associating with some orphanages, and schools and help them continuously. Besides, the blood donation camps, the students are also involved in helping cancer patients and sharing resources with notes.

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