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Department of

Foreign Languages

The department of foreign languages at SRM University Delhi NCR is committed to the promotion of critical thinking, humanistic values, connectivity amongst cultures, and linguistic competence, through its various programmes in the domain of literature and language. It nurtures an international, multi-lingual, and interdisciplinary approach toward academics. The faculty members of the department come from diverse, and vibrant academic backgrounds, making the department versatile in its approach, and function. Special lectures, workshops, and seminars are organized by the department to ensure updating in the domain for students, research scholars, and faculty members

The Department of Foreign Languages has designed courses in French and German for various programmes such as B.Tech, BBA, MBA, B.Sc, and BCA to meet global needs and turn these foreign languages into an asset for those who intend to join multinational companies and look for opportunities abroad. The Department of Foreign Languages is to provide modular language skills and training to students enrolled in different programmes. The department is committed to developing professional standards of communication in students across various disciplines.


French, deemed a global language, is widely used in Europe and Canada. The course also enhances the scope of engineering, management, & humanity science students finding placement in companies with French collaborations in India. Students are also trained for the Level-I exam in French conducted by the French cultural center, Alliance français, which is internationally recognized.


Numerous German companies are emerging in India. The increased cooperation between the two countries has opened job opportunities in Germany as well. Learning German helps students to get preference over others in getting employment in such companies and in seeking employment abroad.

Courses Offered
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Programme Overviews

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • To produce graduates who demonstrate a high level of communicative proficiency in the foreign language.
  • To help students reach a high level of proficiency in the target language through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • To produce graduates who recognize and describe a clear understanding of the cultural forces of the foreign language studied.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Students at the time of graduation will be able to interact and negotiate meaning in both spoken and written conversations to convey their feelings and emotions and share information.
  • Students at the time of graduation will be able to interpret, analyze and understand what is heard or read on a variety of topics in the particular language.

Programme Outcomes (PO)

  • The Programme will help students to present their ideas, information, and concepts in both verbal and written form.
  • Through the learnings of the Programme, students will be able to inform, persuade or narrate on a variety of topics to various groups of audiences.



Personality Development

Value Education

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