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Educational Trip Report: Faculty of Law, SRM University to Government in Exile, Dharamshala

Educational Trip Report: Faculty of Law, SRM University to Government in Exile, Dharamshala


I. Introduction

The Faculty of Law at SRM University organized an enriching educational trip for 28 students from senior batches to Dharamshala, focusing on the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). The primary objectives were to understand the impact of CTA, assess the influence of the Tibetan population on the local community in Dharamshala, and engage in an interactive session with key officials, including an Additional Secretary from the Ministry of Home Affairs, CTA.


II. Key Initiatives

1. Visit to Central Tibetan Administration (CTA):

  • The students explored the administrative hub of CTA, gaining insights into its functions, organizational structure, and the role it plays in the Tibetan diaspora.

2. Survey on the Impact of CTA:

  • Students conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate the impact of CTA on the Tibetan community and its contributions to the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the region.

3. Impact of Tibetan Population on Local Community:

  • The educational trip included an analysis of the relationship between the Tibetan population and the local community in Dharamshala. Students observed and documented the cultural exchanges and economic impacts.

4. Interactive Session with Jenzin Norbu , Additional Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, CTA:

  • An engaging session was conducted with an Additional Secretary from the Ministry of Home Affairs, CTA. The session covered topics such as the legal and administrative structure of CTA, its role in exile governance, and challenges faced by the Tibetan community.


III. Key Findings and Observations:

1. CTA's Role and Functions:

  • Students gained a nuanced understanding of CTA's functions, including policy formulation, representation of Tibetan interests internationally, and its efforts to preserve Tibetan culture.

2. Impact of CTA:

  • The survey indicated positive contributions by CTA to the educational, healthcare, and economic development of the Tibetan community in exile.

3. Tibetan-Local Community Dynamics:

  • Observations revealed a harmonious coexistence between the Tibetan population and the local community. Cultural exchanges were evident in businesses, festivals, and social interactions.

4. Challenges and Aspirations:

  • The interactive session highlighted challenges faced by the Tibetan community, including human rights issues and their aspirations for a peaceful resolution to the Tibetan issue.


IV. Learning Outcomes:

1. Real-world Application:

  • Students applied theoretical legal knowledge to understand the governance structure and legal challenges faced by the Tibetan government in exile.

2. Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Exposure to the cultural dynamics between the Tibetan and local communities enhanced students' cultural sensitivity and understanding.

3. Networking Opportunities:

  • The interactive session provided students with the chance to network with key officials, fostering potential avenues for future collaboration and research.


V. Future Action Plan:

  • Research Project: Research project aimed at assessing the impact of the Government in Exile in Dharamshala, including an analysis of the validity of its existence, a comprehensive review of the conducted survey, and an in-depth examination of the insights gained from the interactive session with the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, and CTA.
  • Incorporate Findings into Curriculum: Suggested integration of key findings and experiences into relevant courses within the law curriculum, enhancing practical knowledge.

  • Continued Engagement: Encourage continued engagement between SRM University and CTA for future academic collaborations, workshops, or research initiatives.


VI. Conclusion:

The educational trip to the Government in Exile, Dharamshala, proved to be a valuable experience for the students of the Faculty of Law, SRM University. The trip not only provided practical insights into the legal and governance aspects but also fostered cultural understanding and sensitivities among the students.

This initiative aligns with SRM University's commitment to providing holistic and experiential learning opportunities for its students.

Educational Trip Report: Faculty of Law, SRM University to Government in Exile, Dharamshala

  • Start Date

    02 November 2023

  • End Date

    07 November 2023

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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