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International Women’s Day : Invest In Women- Accelerate Progress

International Women’s Day : Invest In Women- Accelerate Progress


The event was a call for celebration as we all came together to discuss and reflect on a theme that was not only pertinent but also pivotal in shaping our society. The occasion was held on March 7th, 2024 in SRM University Delhi-NCR and was a great hit with learnings of upliftment of our Women in Society.

Event Inaugration:

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Dean Sir, HOD Sir, Faculty Members and Students. The program designed to educate and uplift the legal community as well as discussing the challenges faced by our Women. This call for action signalled the start of an engaging mesmerizing journey and adding a dash of significant contribution by our Members.

Keynote Address by Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh:

The keynote address by our Guest of Honour, Dean of Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh set the event on high start by giving his remarkable insights on the urge to invest in women and seeing an acceleration in the progress out of it. The significance lies in the commitment to acknowledge and amplify the voices, achievements and challenges faced by women. Main aim is to promote inclusivity and inspire positive change.

Valuable Insights from Distinguished Speakers:

The discussions were graced by the presence of esteemed speakers who are also students of Faculty of Law, SRM University Delhi-NCR talking about numerous profound field topics in which women faces challenges and contribute as well. Our Student Speakers shared their insights on topic like “The rise of women is not about the fall of men” and setting the tone with their perspectives. They also talked about on the subjects of “Women’s Economic Empowerment” and how their contributing economically as well. Shedding lights on crucial topics like “Abortion” and “Consent” as well. Not only through speeches but delivering, enchanting their insights with a poetic touch on “Social Problems Restricting Empowerment of Women”. Our most prominent speaker of the event was one of our very own female student who is also a wife and a mother and an inspiration of all. Currently she and her daughter both are in their first years of university making it more special that education has no age bar. Serving that at any age whether you are in your thirties or forties doesn’t matter, you can educate yourself and learn. This is how uplifting is showing acceleration in economy as well as in growth.

Active Audience Engagement and Participation:

The audience's enthusiastic participation highlighted the event's success. Insightful conversations and thought-provoking questions not only demonstrated the audience's desire to learn more about the topic, but they also encouraged a lively interaction between them and the knowledgeable speakers. They were very keen in understanding the meaning of our theme which was “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress”.

Virtual Dimension:

As the students were made to watch a remarkable video of “Aaj ki Rani” an ode to the women of today by UPES University, Dehradun and not only that, but a video made by Students Faculty of Law on Celebrating Women of Our University as well including all the staff members. With that there was a surprise video made by the Professors of Law Faculty enriching the empowerment of women and saluting them and their works.

Coordination and Execution:

The diligent coordination was led by Prof. Raka Medhavi Ma’am, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law as the Faculty Convenor of this program played a crucial part in guaranteeing the event's flawless execution. The efforts from meticulous planning to faultless execution, were crucial in fostering an atmosphere that encouraged intellectual inquiry and discussion.

Prospects for Ongoing Engagement:

The notion of looking into potential venues for additional webinars, workshops, or specialized sessions grew in popularity. This strategy makes sure that the momentum created by the event lasts longer than it does, encouraging continued cooperation and knowledge sharing. It is promising that the knowledge acquired, the relationships formed, and the collaborative environment will have a lasting impact on the field of uplifting women in any and every way possible.

International Women’s Day : Invest In Women- Accelerate Progress

  • Start Date

    07 March 2024

  • End Date

    07 March 2024

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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