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Legal aid camp conducted by Faculty of Law, SRMUH

Legal aid camp conducted by Faculty of Law, SRMUH


A legal aid camp was conducted by SRM University, Haryana under the guidance of Professor (Dr.) Komal Audichya, Officiating Dean, Faculty of Law in the village Deepalpur, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana in association with District Legal Service Authority, Sonepat. On behalf of the Faculty of Law, SRM University, the camp was attended by Asstt. Prof. Navneet Sangwan, Convener of the Legal Aid Society, Faculty of Law, Asstt. Prof., Mr. Ajeet, Asstt. Prof Mr. Abhiram, Mr.Shiv Parshad, advocate from the District Legal Service Authority and were also accompanied by 40 students. The Camp focused on bringing awareness of the law to people.

Mr. Navneet started the camp by greeting the villagers and introducing the members of the faculty and the advocate from DLSA. He also discussed the current problems being faced by the people due to use and misuse of the laws and the legal system. He suggested to the people some available solutions to their ongoing problems. He also told the people about the free legal aid being provided by the DLSA and the weekly availability of advocates working for DLSA at SRM University

Mr. Shiv Parshad discussed various schemes of the Centre and State Government, majorly focusing upon the maintenance and welfare of the Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, Widow Pension Scheme, and the need to know about fundamental rights and duties the villagers were interested in knowing that. He explained how the various authorities sometimes indulge in corrupt practices and tackle them with the help of relevant laws. He also answered the questions raised by the people and explained to them how they can approach the legal system if they are aggrieved.

Mr. Ajeet threw light upon the problems related to banking faced by villagers in day-to-day life. Mr. Abhiram advised the villagers not to indulge in corrupt practices. The Students told the villagers about the benefits of various schemes introduced by the Haryana government. Students suggested how one could take precautionary measures rather than treating the problem after it had complicated itself. They also gave information regarding the Consumer Protection Act and elaborated on the protections it offered to the consumers. Ms. Wagisha, the student, explained the relevance of the Consumer Protection Act for an ordinary citizen and also highlighted why people should know about the existence of such an act.

During the camp, some villagers also narrated the harassment faced by them by the State Govt. employees and the indifference of the system towards their plight. They also mentioned instances of corruption.

Legal aid camp conducted by Faculty of Law, SRMUH

  • Start Date

    16 May 2022

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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