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Panel Discussion on Electoral Bonds

Panel Discussion on Electoral Bonds


On March 27th, 2024, a Panel Discussion was held at SRM University, Delhi NCR to delve into the intricacies of electoral bonds, a significant facet of political financing in India. It was organized by the Center for Constitutional Law and Public Policy.


The event was inaugurated in the esteemed presence of

  1. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh (Professor and Dean)
  2. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (Associate Professor and Program Coordinator)
  3. Mr. Mohammad Saleem (Assistant Professor) as Moderator

This event was designed to educate students about current scenarios going on in our democracy. Basically, the event was organized for discussion about the relevant topic of electoral bonds.

Valuable Insights from Panelists 

The discussion aimed to delve into the current scenario surrounding Electoral Bonds, with two distinct perspectives represented by the panelists. Prof (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Singh and Amar Gaur advocated for the continuation and support of Electoral Bonds, citing their potential benefits. Conversely, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan expressed opposition to Electoral Bonds, highlighting concerns regarding their role in facilitating corruption and scams, particularly within the current government framework.

Coordination and Execution

Mr. Mohammad Saleem moderated the discussion, posing insightful questions to both sides of the debate. He facilitated a balanced exchange of viewpoints and ensured that the discussion remained focused on the core issues surrounding Electoral Bonds.

Active Audience Engagement and Participation

The success of the panel discussion on electoral bonds was underscored by the enthusiastic participation of the audience. Their active engagement, characterized by insightful conversations and thought-provoking questions, contributed significantly to the event's vibrancy and depth of discussion. The audience's keen interest in understanding the meaning and implications of electoral bonds was palpable throughout the event. The interaction between the audience and the knowledgeable panelists was marked by a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives. Thought-provoking questions posed by the audience stimulated insightful discussions and provided valuable insights into the complexities surrounding electoral bonds. The audience's enthusiasm in grasping the essence of the theme, "Electoral Bonds," was evident in their active participation and engagement. They demonstrated a genuine curiosity to unravel the significance and implications of electoral bonds, showcasing their commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


We extend our sincere gratitude to all panellists and participants for their valuable insights and contributions to the discussion.

Prospects for Ongoing Engagement 

Moving forward, it is imperative to continue the dialogue on electoral bonds and explore avenues for reform to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process and uphold democratic principles. Through collaborative efforts between stakeholders, we can strive towards a more transparent and accountable political financing system in India.

Panel Discussion on Electoral Bonds

  • Start Date

    27 March 2024

  • End Date

    27 March 2024

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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