Guest Lecture :: Managing Yourself Effectively In The Era of Disruption And Volatility

Apr 12, 2021

On 10th April, 2021, Faculty of Management organised a webinar on the “Managing yourself effectively in the era of disruption and volatility”  delivered by Mr Ankit Mahajan, Media Analytics and Insights Manager, PepsiCo, London. Mr. Mahajan started his lecture with a Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon Ltd.) quote   - “In the end, we are our choices”, explaining the importance of choices that will impact our future.   He added if the organisations, lifestyles and habits of the consumer have changed, so have the skills for careers and jobs and they will change in next years too. During the lecture, the speaker shared several interesting anecdotes from his life, with the students. Concluding his lecture, Mr. Mahajan asked the students to make their own Flying Wheel and write their own success stories.

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