Industrial Visit of B.Tech Civil Engineering Students to Signature Bridge

Oct 29, 2018

An Industrial Visit was conducted for B.Tech civil engineering 2nd and 3rd year students on 11th October 2018 at Signature Bridge, Wazirabad, Delhi with total 33 students (13 students of 2nd year and 20 students of 3rd year). This Industrial Visit was aimed to get an understanding of latest types of methods used for the design and construction of bridges which are used in the industries nowadays.

The following are the highlights of the site:

  1. India’s 1st Asymmetrical cable stayed bridge.
  2. Length of the suspended span is approximately 95m.
  3. Length of the pylon = 165m.
  4. Foundation of the pylon is upto depth of 22m.
  5. 1st structure in India having pendulum bearing.
  6. Pendulum bearing mounted over well foundation combined with pile foundation.
  7. Construction of pylon and cable prestressing carried out by Chinese and Italian Engineers.

Finally, this visit was very beneficial for the students in terms of increasing their knowledge about bridges

Site Visit Coordinators:
Dr. Vineet Bajaj, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Mr. Nitin Dahiya, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Department of Civil Engineering
Ms. Geeta Devi, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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