Mother Language Day Celebrated

Feb 21, 2017

UNESCO declared February 21 to be celebrated as International Mother Language day by member countries under the theme towards “Sustainable feature through multilingual education”. Under this aegis, SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, Haryana celebrated 21st February 2017 as Mother Language Day with great enthusiasm, whole-hearted spirit and genuine fervor.

Mother Language Day Celebrated

Prof. P. M. Gaur, Department of Hindi, conducted competitions for the students on Essay writing and Poem recitation for the students, and inspired the participants to come out with innovative and rejuvenative ideas to explore and explicate and use the mother tongue and further advised them to use their mother language in the best possible way. After the lamp-lighting, Dr. D. K. Pandey, Director, IEEEP, introduced the programme and said that this programme has been conceptualized by the UNESCO, which is being organized throughout the globe, and spelled out the importance of the mother language. Furthermore, he articulated that Mother language is the best language, through which, we think, prefer to work and influence people and so, it has a predominant role in the lives of every citizen.

While presiding over the function, Prof. S. Rajarajan, Vice Chancellor, SRM University exhorted the students on the growing temperament of the people throughout the globe on one’s mother tongue, and reflected on the great intellectual tradition on which the languages thrive ahead in producing volumes of knowledgeable writings immensely by some of the most popular writers, linguists, poets, novelists, grammarians and other polymaths and connoisseurs.  He reminded the students that the first Nobel Laureate of India, Rabindranath Tagore wrote and published his poems in his mother language Bengali first before doing it in English language.

Prof. Ashok Patra, the Chief Guest, appreciated the University for celebrating the language day, like other functions, and pointed out that our nation will progress well in science and knowledge once mother language is given its due importance. He also advocated that the teaching and learning must be propagated and propounded in mother tongue, and also commented on the ways in which parents’ aspirations to favour their children to send for the courses that are popular in the market through the foreign language medium. He advised the students to explore modern science through mother language for the betterment of our country.

The winners of the competitions – Aman, Jyoti, Utkarsh, Anjali, Muskan and Vikram – were given away cash awards by the dignitaries. The function was attended by many senior functionaries, faculties and students of the University, and ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the Registrar of the university, Dr. Manish Bhalla, followed by the national anthem.

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