Panel Discussion on "How Mentoring can make a difference''

Dec 03, 2020

The Faculty of Management organized an exclusive webinar cum panel discussion on the theme ‘How mentoring can make a difference’ that impart knowledge on the importance of mentorship in the personal life as well as professionally. Dr. Kavita Singh, HOD, Faculty of Management welcomed all the panellists for discussion. Three dignified personalities, Mr. Anil Bajpai, Ex CEO Airtel, Capt MCS Bhakuni, Director HR @ANI News and Ms. Rashi Paliwal, HRBP @Haworth were the panellists. The speakers explained the role and framework of mentorship that provided conceptual awareness among the participants and they connected it with personal experiences. The attendees were able to understand and find it relevant as examples were shared from daily life which they also feel associated.

The processes and approaches coherent with the theme were also discussed by the speakers and their implementation stages were also described that provide spherical learning among the students. Its implication at the personal level was explained while incorporating live situations that broaden the scope in the mind of the audiences. At the end of the discussion, the questions of participants were taken which further helped the audience in analysing their knowledge base regarding the mentorship and its importance and relevance in their life. The end notes were also worth mentioning as they created much enthusiasm among the participants in the form of questions being raised by them.

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