TCS switches to online test to recruit engineering graduates

Sep 25, 2018

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the largest recruiters of engineering graduates is digitising the the recruitment process and reducing its dependence on traditional mode of hiring by going to the campuses.

Starting this year they have started a pan India online test-called the National Qualifier test. It is being followed with a video interview or face to face interview depending of the candidate's location.

This has led to reaching out to large student talent base and complete the recruitment process in three-four weeks,compared to the three-four months it took under the traditional process. Traditionally, they had a pool of 370 accredited colleges where it visited annually for the fresh hires. With the online test, the company could reach out to nearly 2000 colleges.

The number of students who registered for the test on the company's digital platform iON was 280,000 from 100 cities and 24 states. This figure is 175% higher than the number of students who registered for the traditional process last year.

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